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Help & Info on a 2100 Stall Converter!!


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Jun 21, 2006
Birmingham, AL
I recently won a Transgo Shift kit with servos from MCM  :love: ........ I more than likely with be getting it installed over at Redstar performance in GA.

Anyways....my question is.....I was on the phone with the owner at Redstar and he recommended I also install a 2100 Stall Converter. He said it will not over stall it but still let it pop off the line.

I'm not familar with what a Stall Converter is, what it does, or what the pros and cons are with having one put in. If anyone can give me some knowledge about what I'll gain and what the negatives are ( less gas mileage etc...) and information about it I'd really appreciate it!!!!

Thanks in advance for your help!!  :wave:

BTW I have a 02 with a 5.3 and some performance mods...