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Help, Low Oil On Dipstick And Other Problems


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Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Hey whats up guys, today i just decided to check my fluids for good measure. When i checked the engine oil, there was only 1/2 cm on the dipstick, not even 1/4 of the way up to the thached marks on the dipstick. my truck has 2700 miles on it and im bringing it to the dealer for an oil change(before the 3000 mark for good measure). Should i complain about this, i know the whole oil consumption problem with these, but im a little worried about the level, no lights have come on either. Also my power steering fluid is below the thached mark. im not leaking anything in my garage. any suggestions, right now, the dealer will be doing my oil, changing my drl and headlights due to condensation. is there anything else i should add?
Welcome to the BigBlock club - or maybe I should say Rat Pack - they burn oil when they are breaking in - 1qt/1000 is considered normal, not to worry, it gets better with age like most things - even the mpg will improve slightly.

Just have the dealer check them all and enjoy it. ;D
It is normal like he said - keep a watch on it and change it every 3000 and you will be fine.

Well, From my experience so far, my 2500 did not use any oil from new til 3000 miles, oil change, then from 3000 to 6000 miles. Then boom starts using a quart to every 800 to 1100 miles. Totally unexceptable. The dealer tried changing the intake bolts, it had been done on other 8100, still the same. I now have close to 30000 on this thing and it aint getting any better, just one I would love to see the "Change Oil" light come on instead of the "check engine oil level" light. I have contacted Chevrolet, and am working with the dealer on oil consumption test, but its a pain in the hiney to stop at the dealer every other friday to do this. These things piston slap like crazy, I think they should have stayed with some longer skirted piston. I have looked down the cylinders with a bore scope, and the bottoms of the cylinders are scraped very badly. I also hear a screeching/grinding noise on first startup like coming from the water pump or crank pulley area, this disturbs me more. I have raced/built/ motors for 30 years and I like this power this thing has, but its been a big pain in the a$$, puts a bad taste in my mouth, makes me want to unload it and buy something else to tow my car hauler/quad trailer with. One of the service managers at Hank Graff Chevrolet in Davison mi told me that a farmer with a 8100 in his 2500HD had the same oil consumption problems as me, until his truck hit 60000 miles then didnt use any oil between changes. I expect some usage, dont get me wrong, but this is ridiculous, I have heard everything from soft pistons rings, to wider piston to side wall clearance, to valve guide clearance. I am glad I paid for the extended warranty, I do anytime I buy new, but for the $40,000 this thing stickered for you'd thing I wouldnt be so put out by this inconvience. I will post all information as I get it. Sorry for the Rant.
well I personally think that the normal to burn oil issue is BS. I have the 5.3 engine my AV and also in my wife's Yukon. Hers never burns oil.. mine did along with the famous blue smoke. Took it in last week after much reading and research here. Replaced the PCV valve and found evidence of oil burning in one of the cylinders.. replaced the valve guide seals on that cylinder. Had oil changed and am waiting to see if that cured the oil buring issue or if it continues at a lower rate. Note.. they checked for oil burning by removing spark plugs and looking at the tips.. only one showed signs of burning oil. Note 2... talked directly with tech that worked on AV.. he was very quick to point out the difference between the new and old PCV valve. If you check yours and see the older style (hole in engine side is ~1/4") have it changed. Newer style has a much smaller pin hole for the engine side. I've even noticed my oil pressure has dropped a little since the work was done. My .02 worth.
BullDawg, if you will note my comments were based on the 8100 engine which does burn oil, not the 5.3L, since the original question was on the 8100.
Awww :7: there I go again.. shooting off my mouth before I understood what I was talking about.. my bad. Excuse me whilst I crawl back in my hole :-X
BullDawg said:
Awww ? :7: ?there I go again.. shooting off my mouth before I understood what I was talking about.. my bad. ?Excuse me whilst I crawl back in my hole ? :-X
Not to worry, just trying to keep the thread on focus with the BigBlock issue - the 5.3/6.0 oil consumption issue is a different matter. ;D
For the record, no oil use issues with mine (so far). I did get bitten by a loose oil filter (%$#^%R^% quick lubes) that dribbled oil all up and down my garage and driveway.
Since Ultravorx mentioned it in his first post, I'll ask here. If i need to be directed elsewhere, please do so.

But has anyone else had problems with condensation in the headlight and fog/drl covers? I noticed some in every one of them when I picked up my '03 Av last Friday. Sales guy said it was normal. It would have been very tough to leave it there and not take it home because of a little condensation. It was cold that night, especially for Florida, and had just been detailed.

Is this normal, or do I need to get them replaced at my first service?