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Help Me Out I Am Not That Bright


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Apr 28, 2003
A Dealership here in NJ ( Probably Nation Wide )-Has An AV with Different Grille Head lamps and cladding that isnt the Normal Grey --Would take Pics if I had Digital Camera -- ?--I am Pissed cause I would have Got that one instead ! :8:

It sounds like you saw a 2003 AV. The grill, and cladding are different as well as a few other things. If you drive a 2002, this is most likely what you saw.

CT :B:
I'm guessing a billet grill on a WBH ?
Sounds like you saw the WBH version.

I did hear that the 2004's may come with black cladding. Not sure if this is true.
Without Body Hardware---no cladding. :D
Tubbyslanche said:
Since I am a Newbie what is WBH ????

Check out the thread about "Av without pants". There's some pics of WBH's in there.
Dealer could have also painted the cladding (when I was shopping for mine I saw that the dealer in Wilsonville, OR had this done to an AV). ?

BTW - curious title for a thread.... :rolleyes:
trouthunter said:
Was the cladding the same color as the body? ?It wasn't an Escalade was it?
I think the :B: gave it away plus it was between 6 other Avs at a Chevy Dealership
They should put those ?:B: 's on the Cadillacs. ?It would make them look nicer. ? >:D ?Just kidding Caddy owners.

Well, that rules out the Escalade. ?The dealers do occasionally put some mods on, paint the cladding, billet grill, etc. ?like NW_Nick suggested above.
???I am Stopping at Dealership on my way home to Find out --That way we will all know --no pics - since I dont/wont ?have a camera handy ?:rolleyes:
Heres the latest--Dealership is caliing it the AV with out BODY ARMOR !!--Ft h/lamps are different along with grille --Its an 03 AV without pants !
Now that you have seen an '03 WBH AV what do you think of them?

It looks a lot different all for a proportionally little bit more money to get the cladding.

If you surf this site, you will see lots of different AVs and discussion on why people went WBH, Z66, Z71, 1500, or 2500. This site will prove to be a great asset in your research.
I like the Rear Bumper and the Grill and Larger Headlapms however The One I have is Just as cool and More Agressive - So in Time Maybe I can have one Of Each ! ;D