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Help! ?Position Of Temp Gauge W/ Key Off


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SM 2003
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Jan 28, 2002
Larkspur, CO
Will some kind soul please describe the exact position of the temperature gauge needle or, better yet, snap a picture of the temperature gauge needle with the key off?

I discovered a five-minute, $0.17 High-Beam/Fog-Light over-ride mod tonight, but then got off on a tangent which involved removing the temperature gauge needle in the instrument cluster (not the tranny temp gauge... the source of my tangent :cautious: ). When the cluster slipped in my hands, I lost the original orientation of the needle and had to guess when I stuck it back on.

No big rush, as my instrument cluster is on the bench resting, as the RTV cures (bet you're curious now, eh? :) ).

Since you're up late and have nothing better to do (as I), see if you can figure out what I did from the following pics ;) ...