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Help!! Trying To ADD XM


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Apr 11, 2007
Ok so I have purchased a factory XM tuner off ebay and thought it would not be a problem going down to the dealership to buy the cable to attach the Tuner to the radio of my 06 Crew Cab Sierra.  WRONG!!!!!

I have also done some looking around here and it seems like there is a possibility of doing it but the part numbers that I have pulled off this site don't seem to be correct.  In particular Blacktrail has posted numbers that I took to the dealership and they pulled up diagrams for them and none show a harness that will go from the tuner to the back of the head unit. Below is the quote that I found the part numbers for.  I also tried to PM Blacktrail but I am new to this site and I found the in box but not a way to PM him directly (a little frustrating!!)

"cable,digital rdo ant(rcvr to inline conn) 15205596."  Sounds like the the harness that I need but when I went to the dealership the picture showed a harness that connected the antenna to the A pillar and then to the roof antenna.

Please anyone with any experience in putting a factory tuner box into a truck that didn't come with factory XM give me some advice!!!  I am totally frustrated with this project. 

Thanks In Advance!!!!!! :help:

Blacktrail_Av said:
Per GM all radio that can take the gm disc player can take xm.

parts as follow:

cable,digital rdo rvcr :15172751

cable,digital rdo antenna( inline conn to ant) 15205597

receiver, digital rdo..must get from sep souce part :...22692861....

bolt/ screw,hwa for rvcr bracket..11516618 nds 2

bracket ,digital rvcr..15189091

cable,digital rdo ant...15190807

cable,digital rdo ant(rcvr to inline conn) 15205596.

ant, digital rdo(40mm high low profile ant)15174788

ant,digital rdo(35mm high low profile ant)15205583

hopes this helps all delco rdo should have plug in back to add this.
Yea I guess that isnt the one that I need.  I have the unit that has both the sat and ground antenna built into one wire.  Ok so those pictures have ruled out that part number so which one goes from the back of the radio to the XM Tuner?
Do you know where the factory one would have been located? maybe you'll get lucky and there will be a connector there already wired into the instrument panel wiring harness. Under hood? I can't tell much from this picture:


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The tuner goes behind the glove box.  I do not see a connector there behind the glove box.  I have looked behind the radio too and there is an empty plug for the XM to plug into.  So I dont think that my harness is equipped to handle the XM Tuner.
It's a separate entire dash harness. The antenna/cable assembly is a separate cable assembly also. Specific if you have OnStar and a sunroof or not, or whichever combination of those.

The XM tuner must be an 04 or later, or you will need the antenna cable for dual antenna connections (03's).

Lastly, the tuner module is theftlocked and a dealer can no longer do a VIN relearn on the modules.

The memory needs to be cleared by a "bench" setup. email machomachodan@yahoo.com for that.

If you instead purchased an XM-Direct (retrofit) with a GM harness, you would have experienced less of a hassle.

HTH! :)
I'm sure that if that were his preference, he would have chosen it.