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I am a current Tahoe owner and new member to this site. I am considering purchasing a new Avalanche. The Dealer has a "demo" unit with 5,000 mile ( driven b sales manager) with following specs 1500,z71,4wd,heated bucket leather seats,sunroof,off-road package,grille guard, and assist steps. List 38550.00 ---- he has quoted me 35,000.00 including the rebates, which I think is way too high. I feel he should be closer to 30,000.00 out the door considering it has 5,000 miles on it, Please any thoughts or comments? also, how do you figure the "born" date that I have been reading on these forums. Thanks

For a "demo" he is way out of line - he hasn't even started serious negotiations. :rolleyes:

BTW, sales drivers are the worst - they drive it like a rental car, or worse. I would look elsewhere, that is no bargain at all.
Wow. No bargain there. Mine stickered for a tad under 36k and got it for 29k (that was end of dec, 01). The born on date is the date of manufacture, which can be found on a sticker on the drivers door. Mine was built 8/01. Good luck with the negotiations. I'm not sure how the current supplies (or lack of) are effecting the prices.

Also, you might do a search of the forum for prices paid.
Way too high! ? :eek: ? ?Consider that it's a demo w/ 5K miles and it's at the end of the model year. ?They should come way down on that. ?Mine stickered at $37 and I got out the door at $30 after rebates and some haggling - and mine was exactly what I wanted (and they knew it.)
tell them you will give them 28K or you will find a better deal else where.

You can get a brand new one that list for 38K for 31K
Thanks for the input, the dealer doesn't seem to want to haggle on the demo so now we are looking at stock units. Keep the advice coming!
I am considering offering 28,000.00 out the door on the demo.

You should ask the dealer if the AV comes with any of what he's been smoking if he thinks you're going to pay that much for the truck!! My AV stickered at just over 39 and I got it for a little over 32 EXACTLY the way I want it. And it had a whopping 6 miles on it when I bought it!
Finally read the rest of your post. the born date is located on the sticker that is located by the latch on the drivers door. When I bought mine if the av was over 150 days old you got an additional $1000 discount. I dont know if they still have that discount available or not.
RDJRIK, welcome to the site. Like others have mentioned, look elsewhere. From what you have listed this model has as far as options go, I would think that it should have a MSRP of about $39,200. Add the grille guard and you are near $40K.
That being said, I would venture out and guess that truck has been on his lot for a while since it does not appear to have the price increases that have taken place during the model year. I would assume you could possibly get a 2003 model for near the same money that dealer wants for the '02. For what it is worth, I got a $6,000 discount in Nov. '01 without any rebates.
Now with this being the end of the model year and GM offering $2,500 rebates or 2.9% financing for 60 months on the AV, you can make a much better deal, possibly $9,000 off MSRP. It is your money but there are much better deals to be found.
What they all said ;D I'm not even sure I'd bother talking to the guy again other than to tell him to pull his head out. Go somewhere else, sure you will do better.
when you find a better deal else where, make sure to stop back into that dealer and gloat at finding a better deal and his losing out on a sale. >:D

This is no deal. I was offered and I bought a managers car. It had 3800 miles on it. It has he same getup as the one that you saw. The sticker on it was 38,799.00.
I left with my AV for 31,000. That was in October.

We are in the end of July and the 2003's are on the way. I wouldn't pay more than 29 or 30, 000.
Remember, that they have to sell the car because of the mileage. You DO have the upperhand. Work on them or wait for the 2003.

Good Luck
I would think that they know that some sticker-price-paying bozo will come in and think it is a deal and be quick to buy, therefore they won't negotiate on that used one. I'd buy a new one with all the deals out there right now (If I only had my downpayment goal met...working on it :rolleyes: )
?Also keep in mind that the warranty has been ticking away since the vehicle was first registered. ?So if the sales manager has had it since, say, last September, you are almost a year through the warranty period.

Just something else to consider when looking at so-called "demos"

I don't claim to have haggled my way to as good a deal as some on this board, but this stinks! We drove 150 miles to get our Av after finding the perfect truck on GM Buypower - so the dealer knew we wanted it! Still got around 30K on a 37K sticker. Move on (after you stop laughing).
Walk away - no deal there, the guy is nuts for what is basically now last years model with 5K miles on it.

Further, if you look at dealer demos in the future always, always, always ask to see all repair/maintenance records. I made this mistake on my 1998 Pontiac Transport Montana. I got a GREAT deal on the van but didn't ask for the records until AFTER I signed. It had 7,340 dealer miles on it. Guess what - NO RECORDS!

Traslation, not so much as an oil change in the beginning of it's live - I'm convinced that's why it had so many mechanical problems as it started getting over 50K miles.

The deal they are offering stinks - walk away find another dealer.
Dealers in the Detroit area are offering them 20+ at a time for 25K+ AND they aren't sales wrecked demos ;D
Way too High in my Opinion!!! I have everything mentioned except the sunroof and grill guard and paid 31K and mine had 5 miles on it. Good luck looking for a better deal.
You can do better...

I got mine 19 June 2001

Price was 36.4K
I amsked him the out the door price.
he told me 36K
told him no..

went to another dealer and saw the same truck.
price 36.4K

ask for out the dorr price told me 35.5K
and he told me that was with Tax, title, lic, INS, and EXt warrte.

Sorry for the spelling My head hurts really bad.....

But that was NEW NEW and that was when They first came out... you should be getting better deals on them NOW with 2,002 back plus they have to take off of the 5K mileage .and that does make it a USED truck... look it up in the kelly blue book and take that into them.... I think you will see it is under 28K.......

I hope you get a truck BUT I hope you get the right deal...


The dealer says the lowest he can go is 32930.00 including the rebate. Is also offering a black z66, sunroof, cloth: list 35,000.00 for 29,500.00 including rebate. any thoughts, suggestios?
The invoice on the Z66 should be about $30,716, give or take assist steps, roof rack and stuff like that. ?That assumes the vehicle has not been sitting on the dealer's lot for six months since there has been some price changes (older Avs should be less money).

Check www.edmunds.com or another site like that to get the invoice price on the vehicle with options. ?That way you are not at the dealer's mercy with respect to the invoice price.

2002 Avs are going for invoice or less apart from the rebate. ?Which means you should be looking at somewhere closer to $28,200 at invoice with the rebate applied, then add the tags, title, taxes back on and you should have pretty close to your out the door price.

Hey, with the way the stock market is shooting around, they should pay you to take one off their hands for them. ?O.K., maybe not . . . ?
;D ;D