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Hey Guys New Member- Getting my AVIC-Z1 and installing soon .


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Mar 6, 2007
Belleville, NJ
Just a quick and a lot of thanks to they guys in this section.? I have been reading the posts about the guys with the '07s and doing their own installs of the Pioneer AVIC-Z1.? To be honest you talked (Typed) me into the nav unit. as far as the install, i can definitely do it myself.? I can do it myself due to all of the great posts and instructions.

So I guess that's it and I will try and photo document ever step of the way.? Notice I said try.?

FYI, I've got an 07 dark blue LT3 loaded w/ everything but nav.? I love it.. and the mods have started- HID lights (Thanks to Xeon Rider.com) and the K&N intake.? and soon navigation.
:welcome: to the club hootiedv.

Nice HU.  I'm getting a Z2 installed next weekend.  I'm going to leave it to the professionals.

Definitely keep us posted with your install.
Good luck with your Z1 install hootiedv. Mine is still ongoing because of the Onstar issue I have with the OS3Bose interface.  :needhug: Other than that, and a few NAV issues I have yet to tackle, it's great. The sound with the new speakers and sub is unbelievable, you will love it. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to try and answer them if I can. And  :welcome: !
Thanks Guys, I will definitely keep the post up. I won't be doing the install this weekend (bachelor Party in A.C.) and it looks like Sunday we are getting a monsoon.  So Probably next weekend.  Oh well.

Have a great weekend.
Well, the install is done and it was not so terrible.  It took me approx 6 hours to do the total install and I only had to pull the unit out once after mounting it due to a loose ground that I though I had connected (stupid e-brake (green)wire). 
Overall I am very happy with the Z1.  Lets just see how long it takes to learn my way home from work.

I will post the pics that I took during the install, they were few and far between.  I felt the same way after taking a vacation, When I am on vacation I feel like I am taking a ton of pics, when I get home Really didn't take that many. Same holds true with the install.

Once again thanks for all the incredible post for making this install a snap.

Okay now it is time for the big question.

In my truck I have the Rear Seat Entertainment system(RSE), has anyone figure out how to integrate the Z1's video/audio output to this unit?

I have a pinout diagram of the c3 plug on my factory radio and I am pretty sure I know where everything goes, but it would be a great help if someone has cracked this nut already.

I have done a pretty extensive search between here and avic411.com and not really seen anything.

If not the I suppose I will need to be a pioneer, no pun intended.


Congrats on the successful install hootie. I finally got mine working too and I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. Looking forward to those install pics!

Did you have any luck hooking up the RSE?  I'm researching using an aftermarket unit and this is one of my key concerns. 

Supposedly PAC's OS-3BOSE supports hookup w/RSE and the rear audio controls but the documentation isn't clear on what happens if you don't have a dual zone HU.

Which Interface are you using?

Thanks, Duane

To answer your question about the RSE --  I have another thread on this


I called PAC Audio about the OS-3BOSE and talked to a tech.  To get the rear audio controls to work, you need the steering control module (i.e. SWI-x from PAC).  The adapter for the video is another matter...

Hope this helps w/your setup.  I'll be trying something similar soon (but with a LCD/DVD only double din unit) -- I want to display my pocketpc through the LCD for Nav.

Can you also post the pictures?

Thanks, Duane