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Hg Xe Fog Bulbs



Hope I'm not beating a dead horse here guys...I have been looking in autoparts stores for mercury xenon replacement fog light bulbs with zippo success.

The stuff I see on e-bay looks suspicously cheap.. like a RONCO $19.95 product or something.

I love my SliverStars and want to match their color spectrum!

Any ideas.. or solid links?

They may look cheap, but they have held up so far. I have had my Mercury Xenon's since about mid-April. They look great with my SilverStars. In fact, I just ordered a new set of 885 Mercury Xenons to replace my Mercury Xenon 899s. Want just that little more brightness.

These lamps always appear to be imported from China/Japan as they do not have much English on the packaging. They also do say "For Offroading Use Only." You will not be dissappointed.

The bulb that shows under irontrains link,
are made by Toucan Idustries
Xenon crystal Blue 893 XLC
work for 899-895
has a blue-ish tint 37w
If case you all don't know we Californians can't drive unless it's sunny and 85 outside. :2:The foggy season is coming up. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for better performing fog lamp bulbs??
I read the previous posts, but no one seemed to mention performance.
DURWIN the one with 50W I forget number but when you are bulb section of auto parts store the bulbs list wattage......it uses the most energy so should be the brightest to.....proper aiming is helpful too....Crawl under to see the aiming screw....