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Hi All!...and A Question....



This is my first Chevy other than a Corvette.. Man! am I glad, so far, that I went with this truck. What a great idea for a vehicle and GM pulled it off right out of the gate. Good going GM.

Now my dumb question:
Engine Block Heater - I have a cabin in Tahoe and it gets COLD!!!. I have the North Face Edition which comes standard with EBH. How do it werkee? Any EBH that I had before I plugged in. I can't find the plug on the AV and there is nothing I can find in the manual. Does it run off the battery? If so I'm not sure I like that idea. Sometimes the truck might sit for 3-4 days and nights at 10 to -30 degrees :eek:.
Just a guess but I would think there is a plug but it is hidden pretty well. If your owners manual doesn't tell you where it is then maybe you could call the service department at your dealer and ask them.

There should be a plug for a wall outlet in your engine compartment. Plug this in the wall and the engine block will warm up. It takes several hours to warm up a cold engine block, so if you are worried about the electric bill most people get a timer and have it kick on 3 hours before they plan to use the vehicle. I do not see a point in keeping the engine block warm for 3-4 days of non-use. You only need it warmed up before you start it.

The EBH is located by the drivers side wheel well. Turn your wheels right a little to access the plug(it should be wrapped in a black tie down) I couldnt find mine at first good luck
EURIKA!!! I found it. Thanks All. :)

They did hide it well. :rolleyes:

I don't have the EBH on my AV and it has sat outside for hours in -18F and rolled right over when I hit it.

There has been many times it has been outside all night in sub Zero and starts right up with no problem.

Just sharing what I have experienced
As a snowfan what color do you think I would get?

Yep it's WHITE. LOL

Although I didn't get it for that reason. White is one of those colors that seem to stay/look cleaner longer.