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HI I'm New Here



I live in Nampa Idaho and frequently see Avy's. Every time at my boys baseball there is another Back Avy inthe same parking lot as mine. Hers says Kels4x4 & mine syas Scrpion. There a few more here, but what a shame to have such beatiful beast and not give it special name.
Welcome to the board Black....I'm sure you will become as hooked on this site as all the other members did....the wealth of info on this site is remarkable....no questions ever goes unanswered.....once again welome...I will move your post into the Chit-Chat section of the forum for more exposure.... :B:
Welcome to the board Black ScrpioN,

Always glad to see another black AV owner join the board. ?I think it is about time I named my ride. ?Any ideas? ? Hmm ...

No ricer comments guys ?;D

"The member formerly known as Goo"

Mine is called Trekker.

I am thinking of putting a decal on the truck. They are a distinctive vehicle, but one day at the car wash a fellow tried to climb into my truck - his matching vehicle was coming out of the wash right behind mine. Some kind of tasteful marking wouldn't be a bad idea.

Where have you placed your name?
Welcome to the board Black ScrpioN, lots of neat ideas here.

As to naming, interesting question, still contemplating. ;D
My 14 year old daughter named my black 1500. She is really into The Harry Potter books. (and no she doesn't practice witchcraft. She actually just enjoys the entertainment value) She named my AV "Hagrid". If you've seen the movie it's a pretty fitting name. He's a Huge, hairy, scarry looking giant.
The old beater Chevy truck that used to be parts getter for my car was affectionately dubbed "Beast" and the new Av has sort of picked up the title.

Personally, I think that Spork_av's name "spork" is the coolest/funniest thing I've heard in a while! :D
Welcome to the neighborhood Scorpion! I guess I'm just not creative enough to come up with a unique name for my Av. For more of what the creative folks on this site have done search for the couple of threads that discussed vanity plates - many interesting ideas there!
I started out calling our Avalanche the "Z" as in Z71, but lately it has been referred to as "The Beast" and that just seems to fit!
I just added my AV to the "MyGMlink" website. First thing that came to mind :0: when they prompted me for a favorite vehicle name was "Bigasstruck". So be it.

Truckman :B:
Well, I've been thinking about putting the number "20" around a yellow stripe down the middle of the truck.
I'm new here too... figured I would just post in this thread instead of starting a new one. ?I've been reading for awhile just finally decided to get around to registering.

I had a 1991 GMC Sonoma (aka the "old truck") which was replaced with a 2000 GMC Sonoma (aka the "new truck") until it was replaced by a 2002 Light Pewter Metallic Avalanche (also aka the "new truck").

After about a day or two of refering to the Avalanche and the 2000 Sonoma as the "new truck" I jokingly called the Avalanche the "Truckasaurus" being that it's so friggin huge and the name has stuck ever since.

I liked the Sonoma's but I've always wanted a full sized Chevy truck for as long as I can remember. While a GMC is basically the same thing as a Chevy, it just wasn't the same. I always figured it would be a Chevy Silverado that I'd end up with, but when I saw the Avalanche I knew I had to have one.

I have a lot of monster truck web sites and do a lot of work for them which has me traveling quite a bit. I have a lot of plans for the Truckasaurus starting from the inside and working my way out. I'm in no real hurry to make any major changes... I'd rather have a little bit added here and there regularly so there's always something new.

One of these days I'll get around to giving the Truckasaurus a decent web site. http://www.nitroportal.com/truckasaurus

Welcome MMDavidW
As you can see by the content on this fine website, there are numerous things you can do to your Truckasaurus!

I have always gone with Beast as it is an ominous, aggressive and pyssed-off lookin ride. As someone said a while back "scares animals and small children." Yes, Beast fits just fine ?>:D

Yeah, I saw... I would have registered sooner but I suddenly had a whole list of things to play with, look at and otherwise keep me occupied. :) Just found out about the engine hour meter today... I was wondering if it had one in there somewhere. Sure enough, logon today and found out how.

The Avalanche certainly does frighten people. I got no respect with my Sonoma... got cut off all the time, nobody cared. Now 90% of the time if I pull up behind someone on the road, they'll kindly (and quickly) pull aside. ?;D

Welcome aboard mmdavid.....hopefully this site will transform the already great Av..into one of the wonders of the world for ya.....welcome and good luck!.. :B:
mmdavidw said:
After about a day or two of refering to the Avalanche and the 2000 Sonoma as the "new truck" I jokingly called the Avalanche the "Truckasaurus" being that it's so friggin huge and the name has stuck ever since.
Here is a picture of what we call the Truckasaurus at work. It usually wins the rightaway by tonnage arguments.


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