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HID Kits


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Jan 17, 2002
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ANyone know where to buy HID Xenon conversion kits for the high beam and low beam bulbs?

I alos would be looking for the kit that keeps the lows on with the highs if I did this conversion.

Maybe even the foglight bulbs too.

I await your posts. ;D :D :eek: :-* ;D ;) :)
I replaced the stock Highbeam, Lowbeam, and fog lights with Xenon lamps. They give a much whiter light. I actually purchased the bulbs from a guy I found on E-Bay. I am happy with them so far. My father put the same bulbs in his Corvettes and he likes them too. The number for the fog lamps is 880, the low beams were 9006. The highbeams I ran into a problem. The owners manual lists the bulb as a 9011. The bulbs I took out said the same number, but no one seems to have that number. When I talked to a parts manager for Chevy he did a look up and told me they should be 9005. I purchased the Xenon 9005 and they seem to work. I just found it strange that the G.M. computer and the owners manual and actual bulbs are not the same. Next I was going to do something with the DRL. I have not seen any Avs with the amber D.R.L. in this area. ( actually I have only seen 2 other Avs. in the area) I don't know if I want to go amber, or go Xenon. I am giving serious consideration to the modification to keep the lows, and highs on together. Has anyone done that yet, and what do you think?
What is the modification to keep the lows and highs on together (do share). I'm assuming that lows/highs together would be when you turn on your high beams and not all the time ;)

Question on the Xenon bulbs - any concerns about higher temps and melting the housings - something I've heard. I've seen what is called a "real" HID kit for the Avalanche but it is over $600.

I want to do the amber blubs in the DRL's - I think the Av would look great with them. Do you have the part number for the DRL bulbs (or are they just in the owners manual).

Welcome to the fan club!
Amber DRL's are worth the crawl under. The bulbs are Sylvania 4157NALL - long life.

The manual is wrong - they are 9005's - no such thing as a 9011, try to get one form the dealer - they just look blank - well thats normal.

There are LED bulbs now availavle for the DRL's, tail and backups


RE the light toys:


Their kits are great - don't buy the bundle - you already have the door unlock - just RTFM

and last but not least, consider:


Really cool back light system!!

the high bulb does say 9011 and I think it is a new bulb based on the 9005.

The HID conversions actually operate at a lower temperature but the kits have to be good so the bulb is in the correct position with respect to the Reflector.

Any links on the HID kit for 600$????

ygmn said:
the high bulb does say 9011 and I think it is a new bulb based on the 9005.

The HID conversions actually operate at a lower temperature but the kits have to be good so the bulb is in the correct position with respect to the Reflector.

Any links on the HID kit for 600$????

Here is a link to Direct Parts for a HID kit for $499 for the 9005 lights...

Click here
no pics!!!! make it show pics please.
Ask and you shall receive!!! ;D

Here is a great site that explains how HID works, the truth about Xenon bulbs, complete with detailed pictures of the kits, Type I versus Type II, and lots of photos. OK, so they aren't on Avs - that's going to be real hard to find.

The 9005 Stage II kit for $800 from these guys is very high however.

Click here

Now if you want the Phillips kit that comes with a 5 year warranty for $590 - here is a link to Mecha Sports Revolution (MSR). They've got the Phillips kits on sale right now.

Click here
Anyone gonna change out there lights to HID?

I wanna do the highs and lows along with the fog lights!!!!

The Xenon bulb replacements are just tinted halogen bulbs. Some are higher wattage then others. You don't have to worry about melting your headlamp lenses. The higher wattage bulbs ie: 75 watts + will fry your factory wiring first. ?You should upgrade to a heavy duty wiring harness if you go with the higher powered heavy amperage draw halogen/xenon bulbs.

If you want to do it right and go to a full HID conversion kit, you should be very careful when shopping for one of these kits. Some of the older style kits have a bulb mounting adapter. Stay away from those. You want one that has a bulb which has been mounted to a 9006 base (Low Beam) by the manufacturer. This where the critical beam pattern or focus comes into play.

I did this conversion 2 months ago and did lot's of homework before. The website hidkits.com are a reputable company. They do however design and build their own conversion kit. My first kit I bought from them. They offer adjustable intensity kits. I don't recommend those. To maintain the health and life expectancy of the HID bulb, you want to keep it at a consistant voltage and the variable intensity is pretty useless.

My second and currently installed kit I bought from autotoys.com for under $500.00. This kit is a popular and widely sold kit and is excellent. Other companies are selling this kit for up to $800.00 and it performs very well. The beam focus is perfect. I must admit that I am having a problem with one of the ballasts which was acting up from day one. They are sending me a new ballast. autotoys.com is strictly an internet retailer at wholesale prices. It is owned by mobile electronics techs. All communication with them is done online. Their customer support and tech support is awesome.

I would check them out for your HID Kit

Also your High Beam is a 9005 and you will not need to use your high beams after installing HID's. Most factory vehicles with HID's only have them for normal Low Beam.

i would so love to upgrade my truck with an HID kit...hmmmmmmmmm

anyone with pictures?

thanks in advance...
Did I read correctly where you stated you used 9006 type bulbs??? These are straight correct?

The AVY has 9005 and 9011 which is similar to 9005 except for wattage.

SO which kit? GOt any pics of the install? Where did you mount the ballast???
On the Avalanche the Low beam bulb is a 9006. The High Beam bulb is a 9011 which is identical to a 9005. There is no difference in wattage between the 9011 and the 9005. The Low Beam (9006) Is the one that you would change to HID.

You remove the existing 9006 bulbs from your vehicle and do what you like with them. They are no longer needed for the HID Conversion.

The Conversion Kit will include 2 new HID bulbs which should be already attached to 9006 type bases by the manufacturer of the kit. . You do not want a kit where you have to attach the bulb to the base yourself. 2 Ballasts which convert the 12 volts into the mega volts Needed to ignite the HID bulbs. The Ballasts will either have a built in starter or you will get 2 starter units in addition to the kit. The kits also include plug and play wiring harnesses.

Installation of a HID conversion kit takes a bit more expertise then installing a FIPK kit. You are dealing with a voltage of 20,000 volts when the HID's are turned on. If you are proficient with 12v electrical systems and 12v relays, you should be OK. The whole installation on the Avy took me a couple of hours. The end results are worth every penny. The kits are designed so that you can switch back to halogen bulbs very easily.

I had a couple of photos but they were not very revealing so I deleted them.
I stand corrected on the low beam bulbs as I could not read my handwriting...They are 9006!

I gotta improve my handwriting!!!

Thanks XROVER!
ANyone thought of doing a group buy on HID lights?????????????
Thanks look good!!!!
To follow up on an earlier post, I would not go with any Xenon blue etc bulbs, if you are going to spend the money but don't want to go the HID conversion route, then go with something like Sylvania SilverStar, and here is a link:


I have these on my Av, high and low beam. Nice improvement, not cheap but certainly less than a full HID conversion. If you are going to be messing around with the bulbs, get the brightest one available, I say, within your price range.

yes it is true, there is no way you can get HID by just swapping bulbs, do not believe any claims to the contrary - here is a good link with rational thoughts:

Nice article JACK! Plus I like the site lots of info.

Is this guy ever gonna sell HID kits?
Take that article with a grain of salt. The article was written over 3 years ago and plenty has changed since then especially the facts. HID Technology is now in a 3rd generation. The author wrote that or at least was referring to 1 st Generation HID Technology

XRover you are correct - I really posted the link for the discussion of the fact that HID is a system, not a simple bulb swap, because you will see (on ebay etc.) many sellers claiming that their Xenon Blue bulbs whatever are "just like" HID

I wasn't putting you down, I just saw that the article was based on 1998 information and wanted readers to know that a lot has changed.