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HID Lighting Options And Opinions?


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Oct 5, 2002
Montgomery, AL
I am really disgusted with the dim headlights of the Av. Comparing them to my wife's A6's xenons is like comparing a candle to a 250W commercial bulb. My daily commute sometimes has my driving in the evening through deer infested areas, so bright lighting is a must.

Does anyone know of any good options for universal HID kits, and do any of you have them installed on your AV's? Thanks!
I believe we have one member here who has installed HID lighting and loves it. I gotta research it out to see who, but if you do a search for HID and set the days to 300 or so, you should be able to find his thread. Im gonna look for it now.


I was quoted about $450 for the HID conversion by my shop that did the lift, and I believe the HIDs are made by Phillips.

Check past threads. I bet there's plenty of info here on it.
Wiki, XRover has the HID conversion. The post was around the beginning of February if it helps.
Has anyone looked at the 03 Escalade lighting. My bother just got a new escalade and those lights are really white/blue, and very bright. Maybe Jason P can give us some details.
I personally went with the Eaglelite HID 9006 kit. It was about a 15-20 minute install. No cutting of harnesses, all plug to plug. There are sites online to get these kits which run about $325-375 uninstalled. Like I said there is not alot of mechanical know-how needed.
The output of these lights is 35watts @ 28,000volts(more power than the mercedes or BMW).
There is an older thread or two which discuss true HID lighting....Xrover posted in it as well as I..

Try searching for it...lots of info and prices...