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Hitch Receiver Crooked


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Jul 31, 2002
Sacramento CA
I have a 2500 4X4 with only 200 miles on it. I just got a Rino hitch step to assist with the rear end protection. When I installed it into the receiver, I noticed that it was crooked. The right side is lower than the left by about an inch and its quite obvious with the rino step in there. The receiver seems to either be installed crooked or has a defect in it. Anyone else notice this on theirs? There is no obvious damage to the receiver so I dont think they backed into anything at the dealership.


While I have not read ever post on the site, this is the 1st time I have read about this problem.

Run and see the General and his crew i.e. your dealer
Blueruck said:

While I have not read ever post on the site, this is the 1st time I have read about this problem.

Run and see the General and his crew i.e. your dealer

I think I have read every thread and I have not heard of this one....

The receiver is bolted on so it should be easy for them to fix by just getting a new one and replacing...If they offer to cut it off and reweld I would say no wayyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

Good Luck
So I call them and tell them that the receiver is crooked and that they will need to order a new one for me. (I have only had the truck for 4 days.) No, they cant do that, I need to make an appointment to have it checked out to see if they can fix it first. I told the guy that it is welded together crooked and it cant be fixed so go ahead and order me a new one. NOPE, I have to waste as much time as possible before they will listen to me. Well, Mr. John L Sullivan Chevrolet in Roseville, I will not be bringing it back to you anymore :8:

Sorry to hear they are like that.....I bet if they saw it they would go "YUPPP you seem to be right...guess we gotta order you a new one"

If they insist on welding say you would be concerned...ask them if they would use an AWS qualified welder and weld inspector....Where does GM say weld on my truck? give em hell but make em give you a new one....Well I would..

The General asking to looking at the defect is very normal.

Put yourself in their position and think about a customer with a complaint. I am sure you would give the same answer :)

I have been in the same situation as you with a basic problem of the under hood light not working - they wouldn't order one until they saw the one I have doesn't work :(
Under normal circumstances I would agree that they have every right to inspect the receiver before agreeing to order another one, HOWEVER, they are very familiar with my truck as they have had it for three out of the last four weeks. ?I'm not saying that they should know about the defect, rather, they should be a little more willing to accomidate me in order to keep my business, especially considdering all the screw-ups that they have been making over the past month. ?I believe that it does not cost them anything to order a replacement part under warranty and I also believe that GM will pay them to put it on. ?So why are they not willing to go the extra mile for me? ?Because John L. Sullivan Chevrolet of Roseville already has my $41,000 commitment and there is nothing I can do about it. ?

I run a small company and I recently flew to Pakistan during the hight of Pakistan-India tensions, facing daily suicide bombings and kidnappings to try to satisfy a customer. ?But would John L. Sullivan Chevrolet of Roseville order me a freakin trailer hitch to replace a defective one? ?Nope. ?
I noticed the mine was also crooked. I had a hitch cover, then was rear-ended. Then I bought the gorhino hitch step, then rear ended again. Now I have a hitch ball mount solid steel. I think it is crooked because I was hit at a slight angle. When I have the chance, I will loosen the bolts and try to straighten it out.
I noticed the hitch receiver on my AV was also slightly crooked to the right but not by as much as yours. I have towed my boat and travel trailer and have not noticed any problem. I was tempted to bring it back to the dealer but I also have a paint problem that they are dragging their feet on!!! I wonder if Chevy knows and condons the BS way some of it's dealers treat their customers??????? By the way...the factory rep was supposed to be in touch and never was. I even called factory customer service twice and after 15,000 miles still no inspection. If I wasn't such a Chevy fan I'd buy a Ford!! Just kidding.