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Holiday In Dixi GTG for 2008

Would you be up to a GTG for this event around may

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Silent Avalanche RIP
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Feb 18, 2006
Back in Bossier City for Good
Will any one be coming up for Holiday in Dixie festivies in the Shreveport Bossier area?? we will have street festivals and an Air force Airshow.? what do y'all think?
Well darn I will be out of town both wkends  :E: We need to have something before it gets to HOTT  :B:

Hey Dawg, whats been happening???????? when are you Miss Rednecks gonna throw a big party???? when it gets 100 degrees in the shade????
It's almost time to open the pool, in fact it's already open , just waiting for the water to warm up a little, then we gonna get down >:D
The Tangi Group
We need to have a Big Ol ReDNecK PartY  >:D  and yes it does get hott in MiSSiSSiPPi ohyeaaaa  :B:  Maybe i put sumthang 2gether!!!!!!!!

Keep on Rollin Avalanche StyLe
dpreacher said:
Hey, I just wanted to see if there was any intrest for one of North Louisiana festivals in April of 2008

, I would definitely be interested in going up north for a GTG  in the spring time, it would be a nice get away weekend, keep us posted as the time draws near and we will try to make it happen.
It's a little early to commit with my work schedule, but I sure would like to go if possible.  Haven't been to Shreveport in several years.

Kajun :cheers:
any GTG's will do ....  Doctunder in Bossier has been waiting for some action I just wanted to suggest an activity or two to get the ball rolling... 

lets break him in right