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I'm sure my question must have been discussed but for the life of me I can't find the thread.

Am I the only pea-brain having trouble programming a Homelink system?

Can someone point me in the right direction please......
Info starts on pg 2-95 of the owner's manual (that's the pg number in my 2002 manual).

Here's the quick info:

0. You may want to do this away from your home since the doors will be going up and down otherwise :)
1. Push and hold the homelink button until the light starts to flash.
2. Push and hold the button on your remote control. Get the control as close to the homelink unit as possible.
3. Keep pressing both buttons until the homelink light flashes quickly.

It can take a while - the book says up to 90 secs. I have also found that orientation of the garage door opener can make a difference. Getting the opener close to the homelink unit seems to work best.

I had no trouble programming mine with my 14 yr old Sears openers. This homelink works much better than the one I had in the Volvo, both in distance and in programming.

Good luck!
OK I looked around but cant find anything for my Homelink Problem- It worked fine on 3 different places I have lived. Then whee I live now it worked. out of no where it started failing... now wont work at all. is there a way to test the sending unit or transmitter?
I don't think you can test it, but try taking it off and see if the buttons are making contact with the circiut board.