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Homepages/ Web Site Start Up Area?


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Mar 26, 2002
Northeast PA
hey all just say I am dumb.
I have a home page up but it does not help me out at all.. ya if you check out my profile you an see 4 photos of my ruck but I would like to get more.. I would like to know where I can go and a a page or two where I can put some more photos up that way I can show the while truck. tv and all type of stuff... But i=here is the BUT
I want it free.....LOL
anyone help?

I am not familiar with Geocities, but can't you just add some more pages there and link?

[img*]http://www.geocities.com/bowtie_racing/front_tv.jpg[/img*] - leave out the "*" - those shots need to be scaled down to 300x225 or so.

If not try ZdNet SiteBuilder - worked for me! ;D
i second the G-man...a buddy of mine setup a site for a bunch of my friends a while back where we could post pics of our cars, trucks, etc. in www.geocities.com.

you should check it out! ;D