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Hood Gasket / Bug Shield


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Have you noticed now that we have salty spray on winter roads that the engine compartment gets really dirty? Other vehicles I own(ed) have a gasket at the front lip of the hood to seal the salt spray from entering the engine compartment. I suppose I could fabricate a similar gasket. Why did Chevy cut yet another corner?

Would the GM Bug Shield cover the hood / grill gap and block all of that spray from entering the engine compartment?
I feel better now! When my Av was delivered it was with the hood opened :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: and I didn't realize it until I took out on the highway, 400 plus miles later. When I noticed how cruddy the engine bay was I figured that was my bad - I've cleaned it out, and I'll pull open my hood (I have the Lund bug shield) and see how it looks now.
OK - I had a great opportunity to put this to the test. It's been snowing in Western Washington since Friday night. I drove up to Stevens Pass and back in the snow, ice, rain and crud. This afternoon I opened up the hood and there was hardly any dirt in the engine bay. The bug shield made a tremendous difference in keeping spray out. There was a little bit of streaking along the top cowl of the cooling fan but that was it.

Hope this helps!
a helpful tip is to use 303 protectant on all the plastic pieces under the hood. (by the fan) My engine has 24K and the inside looks brand new there is almost no dirt
I saw the hood problem right away. I went to the local auto parts store and got some good adhesive backed rubber weather seal. I applied it under the front portion of the hood and positioned it so the when the hood is closed, it seals up the gap. It looks great and did the trick. $3.95 for the 6' roll