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Hood Protector/Deflector For WBH Avalanche


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May 8, 2003
? ?I just picked up a hood protector with the Avalanche logo, part #12497074 from my local Chevy dealer and plan to install it on my 2003 WBH Avalanche. ?I have one concern however. ?Are the hoods of the 2003 "Cladded" Avalanche and the 2003 "WBH" Avalanche the same hood? ?The headlights on the WBH Avalanche appear to be bigger. Will this hood protector fit or is there a different hood protector and part # for the WBH Avalanche? ?Would really appreciate any help. Thanks,
The hoods on all Av's, WBH or with cladding are exactly the same. It make look like they're not because of the lights and grill, but they are. The 2003 Silverado also has the same hood. So the deflector you bought is the right part and will fit ;) .
Hi, The hoods on 2003's are different from 2002's. I tried 12497074 its the wrong one. The correct one is supposed to be 12498547 I am ordering it this week.
I'm a new guy here and just bought the factory WBH hood deflector yesterday. I was at the Chevy dealer and had concerns about the fitment so the parts guy tried the regular 2002 deflector on my AV and it would not fit, not even close. I told him to look again for a WBH description and he found a different part #. This time the fit was perfect. Also, the WBH deflector has different mounting brackets and doesn't have any tape, only screws. The regular deflector had screws and tape. I'm sorry that I don't have any part numbers because I installed the deflector in the parking lot at the dealer and disposed of the packaging.

I hope this helps.
It's the plain version without the logo. The parts guy did not offer me any other options so I just went with whatever he had in stock.
Hi All!! I own a '03 Av WBH. I went to the GM dealership and got the part# 12497074. with Logo.

As we all know by now, it doesn't fit the '03 WBH, and I managed to make it fit and still look decent enough for me.

Nothing major, but yet a major headache, but I wanted the Avlanache logo on it, so i was determined to make it fit.

The defelector has 4 holes for screws.

1. The outer 2 screws, I used just the tape since the holes didn't line up.

2. The inner 2 screws I manged to form the deflector wihtout much muscle to line up the holes to use the screws,

3. Now for the middle where there is no screw holes on the deflector, but only tape, I used the excess double-sided tape that came with the defelector and put on between 4 or 5 layers of the tape to fill in the gap that is made between the deflector and the under side of the hood.

The deflector is holding on great and haven't had any problems with it yet. One thing you might want to consider though is in the middle of the deflector on top of the hood touches it in the the direct middle. You might want to consider getting some type of stick-on cushioning to spereate the deflector and the hood. 2 would work as you can spread them out against the hood.

It's a shame that GM didn't come out with a deflector w/ logo for the '03 WBH, but usually there is always a way around things.

Part # 12498547 is the number listed on Chevy's web-site for a Silverado hood protector. Makes sense given that the WBH front end is basically a Silverado. Part# 12497075, which Chevy says is for the 2003 Avalanche, does not properly fit the WBH hood as discussed here.
At the AirForce M. GTG here in Dayton we compared the hoods.... On the 2003's... the WBH and the Cladding AVs have a Different hood. Even the safty release is in a different place between the 2. The WBH is a Silverado hood and the Bug Shield for the Silverado will fit... not the standrd AV Shield.

One of the guys had bought one and he sold it to me for my cladded AV.