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Horrific Car Wash Story


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Mar 25, 2003
Austin, Tx
I live in Refugio Texas, 45 Minutes from Victoria Texas.

I drive an Alpine White 2500 4x4 AV w/ Graphite Leather

I took my car to Courtesy Car Wash on Sunday April 13.

I asked for an exterior wash and that was it, because I had the interior detailed a week before in Corpus. Saturday however in doing some stuff out on a ranch, I got the AV a little dirty. >:D

They charged me the 25.95 for the wash and rain-x the windows and off I went to wait. :sleep:

They bring my car out and I look at the outside and I am like okay almost time to go so I await for them to say that my AV is ready. :rolleyes:

Then the lady opens the doors and starts wiping..I am like I didn't order that but Oh well. :)

Then she gets my jacket out and starts wiping it. At this point I walk over. There is dirt and sand and mud all over my interior. :D:

She told me that some guy decided to prep the door jambs, so he opens the doors and shoots the cladding with high pressure water from the interior side. :8: :7:

well knowing how the cladding is rounded, it came shooting back inside and went everywhere. And he didn't stop after the first time, he did it to all 4 doors.

Monday, They gave me the $190.00 full detail for free. :cool:

$25.95 for just an exterior car wash??? Yow!!! After washing my Black AV the first 3 or 4 times myself, I decided I'd try the car washes. I tell them I want an exterior wash only, no wax,and no interior. The first place in Texas City charged $5.00 and did a pretty good job. The second place in Clear Lake charged $6.50 (oversized vehicle) the third place in League City didn't have just an exterior wash, most basic they had was exterior wash/wax and vacuum for $11.88. So it looks like I'll be frequenting the Texas City place. When I was in Texarkana, it was $5.50 and they taped down the side compartments and the front of the tail light guards so nothing would catch on them.
02-Z66 said:
? are you talking about the cladding that extends down from the doors when open?

Yes that had some dirt in it that had obviously come up from the bottom. I told them that the undercarraige spray would get it out that same way it got it, but they decided to do it brute force. I think is was a 16 or 17 year old high school student
Man----there are so many bozo's in the world. I never, ever trust my AV to anyone for something I can do myself. Hand washing is the only way to go. Not the fastest or easiest was to go, but at least it's done right and you don't trash the interior. I did have to buy a small folding step and a long arm mop sponge to clean the topside--but a small price to pay for my baby !
Did he ask if you wanted to supersize that wash? Oh I'm sorry thats going to be his next line of work!
RefugioAvalanche ,

Sorry to hear the bozos made a mess of your Av. I know the feeling. I have to watch the car wash guys like a hawk. When they signal me that my car is done, they usually have forgotten to do something like the windows or wipe down the interior. So I have to get on them to do it right. You'd think, after doing thousands of cars, they'd get a system down to make sure the job is done right. :rolleyes:
What is a auto car wash place anyways? ;D

Or is that my driveway...........
I detail cars for a living and still do my own. Car washes will put scratches on all cars because they don't have the correct tools for the trade and they don't have a detailers mind. We charge 30 bucks to wash and 100 to wax. We do and excellent job and we work 12 hours a day. Harleys and all . Springers mobile detailing. 714 530 0037. I love my AV. We do family AVenchures and can't wait for the weekend to do some 4x4ing. I think this is great site and will be on a lot.
I just love the look you get when you ask them to wipe the soap off the middle of the back window and the brake lite
and they tell you that they can't reach it and Then I say Climb up there and wipe that off..

So the little guy climbs up and wipes everything down and then wipes the covers off on the way back..

And goes WOW thats a hard cover!!!