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How About A Built In Air Compressor?


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Mar 19, 2002
Newbury Park, CA.
My brother-in-laws Chevy Venture MINI-VAN :D:
has a built in air compressor. It's in the back sidewall by the lift gate and the hose will reach every tire.

Now there's an option that off roaders could really use. It's sure a pain in the rear to lug a compressor around to air up after hitting the trails. JMHO....

You must have been reading my mind. I Beached the Avalanche again last weekend and there are these Pickup trucks like the Ford 250's that have Camper Conversion packages installed on the back. Most of their tires are either the same size as the Stock Ave's or larger. Anyway, I have a 275 PSI Compressor which plugs into my Cigarette Lighter. I was done filling up my tires before he was. Given, his tires could have been bigger and maybe he had a lot more air to put in them than I did. My point is, the price on installing one of these Air Compressors is about $600 - $800. Is it worth it. My Compressor cost me $49.99 at AIDS.
I have a Pontiac Montana with the air compressor, and I am surprised how much it comes in handy. I have used it to top off bicycle tires, inflate a football, inflate beach floats, but not to pump up tires yet.

The air compressor is actually required as part of the automatic load-leveling option; and someone had the wisdom to give this item dual function.

I would definitely consider it if offered.