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How Bizarre


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Mar 13, 2002
Long Island, New York
This morning I was on my way to work and noticed my Airbag light was on and would not go off. I was a bit mad because I don't want to take it to the dealer. When I got to the train station I noticed that my On Star indicator light was red. I turned my truck off and was going to restart it but to my amazement with the car off the On Star button was still lit red. I was amused. I then turned my truck back on and the Airbag light went off and the On Star indicator light went green.
This is weird. I hope it doesn't happen again.
I unplugged my passenger's side airbag a while back contemplating the possibility of installing a disable switch - but did eventually plug it back in. Now my airbag light flashes a bunch of times at startup - but it does eventually go out.

Does yours flash at startup? If so, maybe the on light was indicative of a loose connection. If not - guess it's just evil electronic gremlins >:D
I had this problem on a GM Van that we have. It would sometimes stay on but most of the time it would stay off. After a few months the airbag light started staying on more regularly so my wife took it to the dealer and they hooked it up to the computer and said you can't drive this because the airbag might deploy and proceeded to order a part and gave her a rental. When they fixed it I looked at the repair invoice and it said they replaced the seatbelt. I thought this was weird but apparently there is a sensor in the seatbelt mechanism that detects a crash and deploys the airbag. Not sure if the Avalanche works the same way but the symtoms you described are sure similiar.
The air bag light is supposed to flash seven times we you start the truck. I gleaned this info from the steering wheel audio control install.
I had a similar problem as noted in an earlier thread. Mine went away when I restarted but i had a dealer check it anyhow, just to document any possible problems should it come back. All they found was a slightly loose connection on the driver's side that may or may not have caused the problem. No problems since...
The OnStar light is supposed to go red in this case. It's a double notification that sometime is wrong (say if your airbag warning light burned out because it flashed too long :). Considering how powerful the airbag is if it went off at the wrong time, and that it's an important safety feature, I'd run the truck by the dealer.

Good Luck!
This is a little off topic, but when I turned my heated seats on this morning...both hi and low settings were lit.....I was thinking alright a happy medium......

Nonetheless I pressed the button again and all was well....must have been one of those things...you just really can't explain... :)
Hey Guys thanks for the advise. I am thinking that i will call up the dealer and see what they say. I appreciate all youe posts. I find it bizarre about the Onstar Button. That might be an indication that there really is a problem.

I will let you know what happens!!