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How Far Do You Drive Poll Is Closed


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Thanks everyone for your votes. The new homepage attracted a lot of people to the Fun Stuff section and got a lot of votes in during a short period of time. Hooray for navigation changes! Pretty interesting poll with a whopping 64% of Avalanche owners driving average to below average miles per week! Less than 10% drive more than 500 miles per week - very interesting results. I guess we need to be spending more time driving than being here on the net!

How many miles do you drive your Av in a week?

140 to 280: 30.63%

70 to 140: 23.42%

280 to 420: 22.52%

under 70: 9.91%

420 to 560: 5.41%

840 or more: 2.70%

560 to 700: 2.70%

700 to 840: 1.80%

don't know: 0.90%

Total Votes: 111