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How long did you wait for your 2007 Av?


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Feb 28, 2007
I ordered a 2007 Avalanche Summit White LT3 with Z71 Off Road Package and all options except the Nav system on February 27th. It is supposed to be built the week of March 26th. The dealer told me to expect delivery in mid-April. This would be 7 weeks from order to delivery. What have you experienced in your wait time? I know the wait is killing me.
I have waited 3 months for a custom built truck & 7 months for the new Mustang ordered for my wife.

Waited 3.5 hours for my newest AV. Just had it transferred from another dealer in town.
I ordered my truck at the end of September and took delivery at the end of November... 7 or 8 weeks as well, and it came early... I was expecting 9-10 weeks from what they originally told me
See my post just a few below yours, "Pix of Greystone LTZ."  We ordered the vehicle on January 27 and it was delivered in Virginia on March 5.
I ordered my Black Z71, all options except roof rack and rain sense wipers on January 4th.  The dealer told me it would be produced on January 29th (the build sheet confirms the manufacture date).  The truck arrived at the dealer on February 19th.  So, mine took 6 weeks and 4 days from order to arrival.  I guess it wasn't that long to wait, but it seemed so at the time.
I must have hit a good order date mine was around 4.5 weeks. Dealer told me when I orderd it would be 6 weeks but the last one they ordered took 5 weeks. I ordered in February.
Are you from PA?

I ordered my white LT1 on March 1st.? Dealer said 6 weeks.? He did expect a VIN number to be issued any day now.
Yes, I am from PA. I ordered mine from a dealer near Pittsburgh that I have dealt with for a long time. I should be getting a call from them this week when the VIN is issued.
I ordered a truck Feb 19th and haven't heard anything yet.

Mar. 28- Stopped by the dealer today and got my Vin # and appr. delivery date of April 10th. Can't wait.

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I ordered mine on 3/30 they said it was on the floor on 4/14 and being built on 4/23 and then shipped out on 4/24 (I think) and it arrived in Texas on 5/5 and that's when I picked her up.  Lost out on an extra $1000 rebate by 5 days, but oh well.