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How People View SUVs


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Feb 6, 2002
I'll admit...I didn't read through the 2 pages of the entire thread...but I have to admit that before I read it, that it was going to be a bunch of bull....kids with the Honda Si's swearing they drive the fastest import on the face of the earth...but after a couple of reads..I was pleasantly surprised....no bashing.....kinda cool.... :B:
It sounds as though most of their complaints are misdirected. The comments that are anti-SUV are actually caused by bad drivers who happen to be driving SUV's. The same can be said about young kids driving small import cars.
It looks as though Charles Darwin missed quite a few people.
Durwin (no relation) ;D
To be honest I thing that any of us that got struck by soccer mom..would be slightly annoyed....on the other had we would also have the same reaction, if we had gotten struck by a CRx hatchback....although he would be worse off in a situation like that.... :B:
I read through many of the post, and I felt that the biggest problem many of these people had was the same problems we all have - we don't like people who are doing everything else but watching the road :)
Good point blueruck...do you think since they are trying to pass the law which will not allow drivers to speak on cell phones while driving, going to be effective in reducing these kind of incidents?....any thoughts :B:
Honestly though, how many of us out there stop and pull over to use our cell phones.
I don't. Never caused or been in any wrecks.

And no I wasn't talking on the phone when I got that speeding ticket a month ago :rolleyes:
Bad drivers will always find a way to be distracted. ?How many accidents have been caused because the driver was fiddling with the radio, or fishing around for their favorite tape or CD? Or yelling at their kids or spouse? Or putting on makeup? ?Or, my personal favorite, reading a book propped on the steering wheel???!!! ?It is much easier to blame a device (Cell Phone, etc) than to admit that we have many, many people driving who really should not be! ?Some of thes new navigation systems, etc, that are being installed in cars really scare me. ?To think about these people who "can't walk and chew gum at the same time" driving a car at 80 mph while scrolling through a menu on an in-dash navigation display is a really scary thought. ?
We can legislate against various "devices" from now until forever, but until we do something about improving the quality of the driver's behind the wheel, we will still have problems.
Big_Don, that's the best explanation so far. All these cool mini devices that are flooding the market just make an already bad driver worse.

My wife gets angry with me when I tell her to quit looking in the rear view...checking her makeup.....we constantly argue about that....she has a great driving record....but I like to be on the safe side.. :B: