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How Well Does The Midgate Seal? Very Well !!


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Oct 21, 2002
West Jordan, UT
I thought some of you might be interested in this. I do some woodworking as a hobby. Earlier this week I finished building a retail display rack for work. I finished it with three coats of lacquer on Sunday evening and loaded it into the back of the AV to deliver on Monday. If you are familier with wood finishes or even just spray paint then you know that they give off solvent vapors for days or weeks after you spray them. I figured that when I got into the cab of the AV on Monday morning the smell from the lacquer would be very strong. I was wrong! I couldn't even smell it! The midgate seals well enought that the vapors couldn't get into the cab. I am writing this on thursday of the same week and the display, installed at work, is still giving off enought stink that you can smell it when you get within about 6 feet of it. There has been some discussion of how well the midgate seals, at least on my AV the anwser is Very well indeed. :B:

Thats is good to here. So far I have had no leaks anywhere in my 03.
well on my 02 Avalanche I did have a problem with the seal. For some reason it got kinked and once I fixed the kink it was all good. But, before i fexed it water leaked in and got my floor all wet but that is ok water dries. I have not taken down the mid gate on the 03 yet but I'm pretty sure it is just fine.

I have noticed it mentioned but no one tells me what it is. ??? ???

I have white spot areas on the bed liner and on the cover panels...what the heck is it, and why do so many of us have it. Apparently, the most used fix it to go back to dealer and get new bed panels but why is it happening to so many of us? I have only had my Ava for a month!! :9:
When she was new, I could drive through a jet wash and she wouldn?t leak?.now I?m starting to get a few leaks between the first and second seals. It?s bad enough to watch what I put in the back. (I have over 32k miles)
So far so good. It doesn't really rain that much here but I haven't had any problems at the carwash yet....