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I Blew It...


Full Member
Jun 5, 2002
Douglas, MA
This happened over the Summer, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot of details here.

The girlfriend and I were camping with the travel trailer down on the Cape (Eastern MA).

At the particular campground we were in, you have to pay like 25 cents to use the showers. It was the daily ritual of just about everyone there to hit the beaches during the day, and the showers when you got back to the campground around 4-5 pm.

We had just left the showers, got dressed and were leaving the campground in the truck. It was real tight in our area, and I'd have to idle along past the showers to leave.

As we are passing the showers, a guy comes up and pops the question. "Do you have change for a dollar?"

Me, being the slow one that I am... pause... think... and answer.


If you are any normal Av owning person, you automatically know the answer.




"Sure.", and pop four quarters out of the center console. The transaction was completed and we left.

Honest ta gawd... it must have been about 6 hours later that night, that it dawned on me what happend... :rolleyes:
Hey bloke if you were down here I'd understand 'cos no one else would have gotten it either.... but where in the lower 48 would they not have seen that advert?

Mmmmm maybe if you write yourself a note on a sticky pad and put it near your change holder, that might remind you for next time. :rolleyes:
Good story Marc . . . but ya know . . . I'd have probably done the same thing as you - kicking myself later when the reality finally hit me!
Just keep telling yourself that the guy had never seen the commercial, doesn't even know what an Av is and actually needed change for the shower.

Yeah, right! :-[