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I Did It 2/3 Drop On 23's


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Sep 6, 2002
Palm Beach
>:D >:D
well here she is my 2002 z66
mods so far:
23x10 kmc hypes with 305/35/23 pirellis
custom katzkin interior 2-tone tan and black
custom sunroof one touch
belltech 2/3 drop
gibson extreme dual exahust
reactive intake
cladding will get painted next week!! >:D
if you want to see good pics go to www.sounddomain.com look up member rides and then chevy avalanches ?mine says avalanche on 23's underconstruction all the mod pics will be there i cannot get the damn picture thing on this sight to work but check it out and let me know what you ?think ? ?:B: :B: :B: :B: :B:

Your truck is sitting sweet. How much was the 2/3 drop kit? What parts are included and did you have to replace the shocks? or Arms?
your truck looks awesome. the more i say i will not change my stock rollers you guys keep posting fabulous picture's like that.
again, your truck look's beautiful with those rims, and the 2/3 drop. does Belltech use straps in the rear for the 3" drop? one company's components they used on an AV in the Trunckin' mag did. i did not like this method. the straps were used because the springs were shorter, and they prevented the springs from falling out out when the suspension was extended. :B:
Looks good with the wheel/drop combo. What's next?
the kit installed was like $700
it is the one that was in truckin with the straps. i was going to go with the djm kit but 3/5 drop was to much with 23inch rims so the belltech with the straps was my only option
the next thing will be painted cladding
then a superchip(when they get there poop together)
then a pioneer 7" dvd flip out screen and all new highs and mids. i want to do a serious audio upgrade but i am not sure if i can make this work or not. my last truck was a 96 tahoe on 20's with 4 jl audio 15w3s and about 4000 watts rms i am not sure if without cutting the midgate if i can be happy. i think i might just do a full dolby 5.1 theater on wheels with like 3 8" kicker l7s under the seats or 1 ten in the center console. but thats later i already dropped some serious change on these mods the truck has 900 miles on it thinks are moving fast it will go into he paint shop in a week and i will be done for a little while i have had the truck for like 3 weeks and have only driven it for like a week total so i am just looking forward to finishing the paint and then enjoying my truck for a little while not to mention saving a little more cash for a few more mods. i will also be doing a billet grill next week to it is just in the mail.

2002 z66
mods to date:
2-tone katzkin black and tan leather interior
custom one touch sunroof(the factory one sucks)
23x10 kmc hypes wrapped in 305/35/23 pirellis
gibson extreme duals
reactive intake
belltech 2/3 drop