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I Finally Got My Avalanche, It's Like A Dream.


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Jul 25, 2002
Oklahoma City, OK
I got it one Saturday morning.
2002 Avalanche Z71
Bucket Seats
Raised White Letter Tires.

Funny thing is my Dad and Grandfather now want's one too!

Details in sig.

Thx, and glad to be offical now!

Yeah, they are like a dream.

In fact I was just thinking that as I drove home

What a ride, huh?

Welcome to the world of the Supermobile,
the Chevy Avalanche!

That $1,000 credit of the GM Card is sweet too.

By the way, is $1,000 the max that can be built up to be applied for a discount?

Yes, the raised white letter tires are stock, it's the $125 option.

My Fiancee loves the ride quality. I went from a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo, to the Avalanche. I had to upgrade the shocks and get new rims and tires to tame the Rodeo.

The Amazing Thing is my insurance is cheaper going to the Avalanche. It was $1,100 every 6, now it is 840 every six, 50 liability/250 comprehensive. I'm worried someone without insurance will hit me and I would be pot out of luck, so I buy higher insurance.

My Fiancee, still doesn't believe we got it for 31,000, I stuck to my guns and was firm about it. I didn't use my brother's GMS price and got it $40 above what he would have paid for it. Good thing about this is that i was able to use my gm points!

And Yes, 1000 gm card point is the max redempable for the avalanche.


Congrats on your new AV (y) and welcome to the club.

Sounds like you got a great deal!

Welcome to the Club......

Amber DRL mod is a must now
Congrats on your purchase of an AV.

Welcome to the Club.

Get those Amber DRL's put in so we can recoginze you on the road.

Congrats!!! ;)

You know what's cool about the AV is you'll love the way it looks and drives for a long time. ?It is not like other vehicles that you "get used to" and bored with. ?I've had mine for over five months now and my wife and kids sometimes worry about me because I sometimes just sit and look at it. >:D...I can't help it, I think I need professional help :love:

Truckman :B:
Congratulations . . . and welcome to the neighborhood of enthusiastic fans!

One GM card note . . there are 'old' GM cards and 'new' GM cards. The new ones are subject to the limits posted on the GMCard site. The old ones still have to abide by the old rules . . you can cash in all the points that you can get in a seven year period - i.e. points expire of not used within seven years.

I cashed in $3600 . . . it was worth using that card over all those years.

Welcome to the best darn group around. And you're driving the bet darn truck.
Sounds like you worked a heck of a deal.
It's time to take some of that money that you saved and star those mods.
After all ,you're hooked.
Congradulations and good trucking!!!
Congrats Andrew, and welcome to the club! ;D

Yup, the drl's are a must first mod to help distinguish you to the other CAFCNA members.

I'm still waiting to cross paths with a fellow member... :6:
Congrats Andrew!

That dream keeps on going. Had mine for 6.5 months and I still have grin on my face every time I get in it.

Get those amber DRLs. Cheap but cool!!!!!!!

Congrats and Welcome into the Ownership Club!
Congratulations on the truck! May you have many happy miles.

irontrain said:
Raised white letters?Stock?Cool.Can you post a pic? ;D
Here's the stock WOL tires:

When I was shopping for the truck, and telling the salesman that I wanted the tires, he told me that there was no such option. I just pointed to the truck parked outside his office window, the one I had just taken on a test drive, and asked then why does that one have them? He found a truck that has them. ;D

-- SS


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I just got my new Av too, 02 Pewter Z71. Yes, it is like a dream. Where do I get my amber DRL's? As you can see Im a total newbie....... 1st post ! ;)
Here we go again, another person getting an Avalanche and me dreaming about one. My time is coming, you watch.

Congrats on the new ride.
I agree with Truckman, every time I see one, I just stare at it! So nice!
Pendlum said:
Here we go again, another person getting an Avalanche and me dreaming about one. My time is coming, you watch.

Congrats on the new ride.
I agree with Truckman, every time I see one, I just stare at it! So nice!
Just wait until you have one. You'll still have that glassy-eyed stare, but it feels totally different inside. Kind of like the difference between desire and satisfaction. ;)

So, when are you going to take the plunge? You're not going to let Skidd beat you to it, are you? His is already on order, but that's only half of his battle... Even though he as a big head start, you can still beat him to the finish line! >:D

-- SS