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I Got A Call From Chevrolet On A Sunday?


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Apr 8, 2002
Northwestern Oklahoma
Seems pretty strange they would be calling me on a sunday especially on a holiday weekend. The quy said he was with chevrolet and was conducting a new owners survey. He wanted to know all kinds of things about the av i purchased.

I told him i didn't think the electronic climate control worked quite right....i dont think it should blow cold air when set on 82 degrees and it is 40 degress outside. He ask dozens of questions about that.

Now the transmission problems. I tell him about the 2nd gear shudder......and he ask dozens of questions about that. i now tell him about the driveline clunk and he shows very little interest.

He ask about leaks and wind noise and i mention the midgate leaks a little and he showed no interest in that as well.

He said a GM engineer may want to call me and if that would be allright.....I said sure.

I thought it was an interesting conversation
Not all that weird, I leased a "98" Blazer and complained on my survey about the vehicle build quality. I received a call from GM regarding my complaints. I saw one problem with a door seal was still a problem on a 2001 model of the vehicle. So complaining doesn't always mean they will fix it.
Wouldn't it be nice if after we complained about the problems, they would call you back saying that they will make an appointment to fix all those nagging problems....and that customer satisfaction is always a priority with Chevy....that would be nice... :B: