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I Got The Corsa Exhaust Installed




I'm not sure if this is a good thing, but my EXT now sounds like a bigblock Chevelle. I might remove it when the novelty wears off. Fine at highway cruise, but when the pedal goes down, the sound is INCREDIBLE! I've been pulled over once already. I find that I drive much slower with the Corsa because of the noise.
I do beleive you are the first one to post a mod about the EXT.....

Welcome to the club and enjoy.......Have you done the AMber DRL mod yet?
Here is a link to a thread which lists all the possible mods and other helpful stuff.
bigmhoff,ygmn, irontrain and all of us..........midgate brothers......ive beem watching for the caddy boys to come in and join us and it seems like they ... are not the modding , brothers like the rest of us.... i would like to hit the rev limiter on the 345,s they have just to see what its like, and like there cladding,, hope some of them join up with us, and apreciate what another 10 g,s gets these guys, so let them in ...............................EXT means extra dollars, but it also means, ext.. tremly nice looking av upgrade... welcome to the world of mods on the cafcna web site of which you ext boys are a brother.
Welcome aboard Big-M:
First mod DRL
second mod remove your cluster and install a regular AV cluster in other words trade switch clusters with Heavy D LOL
Good luck
Heavy D
Yah.....I've seen a few EXT's around here but the only Mod's Ive seen done are wheel/tires, tint, and a system. Basically the same as I've done, but I've stayed away from the :D 20's because I like the cush big sidewall Caddy ride. I think chrome rims are a factory option in 2003 so I hope to get factory Caddy logo lug covers to replace my stock style/size plain chrome lug covers. Maybe a K&N FIPK kit. Who knows? Maybe somebody will come out with an awesome stainless brush guard/ tail light cover set. I saw a great low mount thick tube chrome grill guard on an Avy the otherday. I need to see if it fits the Cad.

345HP....yep. Hell of alot faster then my Bronco. I'm thinking the Corsa definately helped power-wise. Feels faster, anyways.

Trade gauge clusters? Why would you want to put used parts in your nice new Avalanche? ;D
You know, there's only one thing that I really can't stand about The Escalade EXT !!!


(The puddle that's left on my seat after the 5 minutes of drool after I drive alongside one)

Anybody got any info on removing drool stains?

Maybe Zaino... I'll give them a holler... :C:

11H said:
Anybody got any info on removing drool stains?

You might want to try