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i have an autotek mm3000.1d is it worth the trouble


New Member
Oct 25, 2006
New Orleans, LA
i have an autotek mm3000.1d and i didn't realise the amp draw when i bought it. it is new in box but i think i might sell it for $650 or should i pay for a altenator and extra batt that it is going to take.
not really. i would sell it because investing in a new alternator and battery would be expensive. i would just get a new amp that will do what you need it to do.
I think you have a good amp and will probably need the h.o. alternator/battery upgrade for any other system you're planning anyway(at some point). I'm running mine off the stock system with a single Optima red top right now and have dimming when it's cranked, but otherwise I've been putting off the alt/dual batt. upgrade for later.
def invest in the electrical upgrades.  like beast said with the little weenie alt that comes stock you will probably need to upgrade anyways unless you plan on running something quite small........and from the looks that you bought that autotek i dont see that happening
that is a very good and powerful amp, i would recommend looking into getting a couple of batteries first to see if it helps you out, try kinetik some of the best batteries on the market.