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I Have Pictures!!


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Apr 27, 2002
Sorry for the quality but I had to use my digital video camera. ?It makes great movies but not so great stills. ?:p


Here are a some additional images for anyone who would like to see them.

Awesome!! I would like to see those wheels up a bit closer, to see the how the detail of them looks on the AV.
The Av..really looks great with the sails and parts of the cladding painted....you truly have one unique Av....

Of course the package wouldn't be complete without some shiny wheels.. ;D

That is one sharp looking ride! The two-tone cladding looks incredible. It makes the cladding that is contoured look better by standing out more.

Nice rig - Jamie
That really looks sweet, much better that the basic white AV IMHO.
Liked the black accents on the bumped sections of the side cladding and the rear bumper.
I could not tell from the pics, but did you paint the rear cover black as well or did you leave it the standard gray?

Now all you have to do is lower it about 3 or 4 inches all the way around, and it would look like the "DUB" ones that are all over ebay. :cool:

Keep up the awsome mods.
Great, finally a pix of a sup'd up white AV. Very nice, now I know what you're talking about.

I usually don't like two toned, but I definitely like yours. Congrats!
I wish I could saw that it was all my ideal :rolleyes: but all the mods were done before I bought it.

I do know that the panel work was listed at 2900 and the rims and tires were listed at 3600.

I was actually looking at a Z71 Tahoe, but I got a wild hair and asked them what my cost was for the AV. When they told me I about fell on the floor. The price they told me was 11k less then what was on the sticker (2k was from the GM rebate program).

Needless to say I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I even made them drive it off the showroom floor so I could test drive it. I was a little concerned about it having 500 miles on it but they assured me that the general manager was the driver of the vehicle. After i crawled under it to look for the tell tell signs of abuse I signed on the dotted line.

dealer body shop. :D I have seen some of the custom work that the dealers body shop has done. They didnt just through paint on the panels and say looks painted panels. The finish on the panels is as smooth as the finish on the truck
Sweet ride! Sounds like the dealer lost money on this one!
Very nice ride. I too purchased mine painted with wheels. I must say though I do like the two tone look on the side. ;)
Nice truck tfreimiller!

I saw a similar paint job on a black Z71 last Sunday while attending my niece's soccer game in north Dallas. ?I wanted to talk to the guy but I never got a chance. ?The cladding and sails were painted black but the low "ribbed" area was still grey.
I'd really like to have my cladding painted black like that even though I have the light pewter finish. ?The contrast would be real starck! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Thanks for the photos! :cool:

Okay, I'm sold. I am getting this done to my Victory Red AV. They really look so much better with the cladding the same color. With just a hint of gray left. I guess I could wait until the 2003's come out, I hear they are doing away with the grey cladding. Of course to afford this I may have to put off some essentials such as food, clothing and shelter. ;D