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I Have Seen The 2004 Colors


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
Today at work we got a color chip guide for all the 2004 trucks I am going to see if I can barow them and scan them in and post pics. ?Let me tell you what I know now

Sport Red Met.- It is a Darker Red MET very cool color it is going to look good with or without cladding.

Silver Birch Met- A bright silver I can't wait to see this color on the Avalanche with cladding

Sunburst Orange Met - take sunset orange and make it more orange then red and it is orange!

Dark Blue Met. - Take indigo blue and make it about 2 shades darker it is very dark blue in fact when it is in the darker lighting it looks all most black

Again I will see about scaning these color chips in and posting them stay tuned
Ok my mom took her computer to walla walla (the only one with the scanner) I will scan the colors tonight I did take some digital photos but they did not turn out the best so they are just a preview/teaser

Attach: Sunbust Orange II Met


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Preview of Dark Blue again I will have a better pic later tonight


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Preview of sport Red Met. like I said better pics to come


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Silver Birch Preview keep updated with better pics later tonight


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AvaLance said:
Preview of sport Red Met. ?like I said better pics to come
Woah... if that color was available in 2002, my wife would've never been able to talk me out of red and into blue. I wanted the Victory Red, but couldn't find what I wanted so I settled for the second choice.

Victory red is OK, but that is the color I really wanted!


That silver is really nice, also. I'll bet it's awesome in the sun! That would be my second choice, with all the others far behind.

-- SS
Crud! Now that I have the '03 and have finished all the tweaks, I need an '04. Tahoe I got rid of was Redfire Metallic, and the wife REALLY liked that. She's not a huge fan of Victory Red. She'd love the new red.
have to see them on the AVY
Thanks for the preview of the new colors, Lance. I think the new red will be very nice, especially on a WBH.
Sport Red Met. The scanner did not do the best job but it works


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And just for your enjoyment here is a pic of all the 2004 truck colors remember som of these are on the Big trucks only like the 4500

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i dont know but i do like a few of them colors alot like slingshot yellow and wildfire red i really hope they come out with a new line :)
My wife likes that Sunburst Orange. It matches her new mountain bike, a Klein Palomino Race Disc. It's also a pretty close match to her Trans Am. The Sunburst Orange becomes available, starting in January 04 production builds.
biggie Slingshot yellow is on the SSR and Wildfire Red is on the Chevy Tracker all the colors are on all the trucks you can only get a few colors on the AV