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I Have The Best Av



I have the best av, no leaks, good gas mileage, great ride for a man my size 325 and as tall, well I was really worried when I bought my av and wondered if it was the right thing to do and it has crossed my mine lately, but all I have to do is take aride and I forget everything, slide in a c d and john denver is singing west virginia, what a great ride, just had my 6000 mile check up and everything is great, the only thing I dont like about the av is that one day it will get old and worn out. but if they still sell them in ten years I will buy anew one.
You brought a tear to my eye, motorman. I could'nt agree with you more. I'm going to the next posting re: unlimited money what car, and I'm going to tell them exactly what you just said.

AV on!
Motorman - it is hard to read your post and think you are being honest.

I have seen many of your other post about the AV and wanting to trade it...... I suspect you are still dealing with acne and HS girls.

You're lasttopic talked about trading in the Av for a Tundra :D:

hmmm, try clearasil, if that doesn't work go see a dermatologist >:D
four more posts since yesterday. Anyone find the others? :9:
Hey motorman . . do you really have an Av - no info in your sig . . .

but . . . NOT . . . I've got the best Av! ;D