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I Just Found Out.. MY MIDGATE LEAKS!


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We had alot of rain here in chicago over the weekend.. Then the temp dropped to well under freezing. I was filling my truck with gas and went to get some shop towels from under my rear seat... The were frozen!!!! So was the towel I keep there for mishaps. Things warmed up so I went back to look.. Soaking wet!!

I opened the midgate and saw the tracks of water where it FLOWED in. I cleaned the seal and slammed the gate shut.

I am so pissed... Is there a fix from Chevy yet? Thicker weather stripping?

Any input would be appreciated..

Is there a TSB on this?
No leaks here but some have.

Go to dealer and have them fix it.
Leaks anywhere on the Av have been the exception so far. Let the dealer get after the fix.
Leaks are definitely the exception and not the rule. There is a TSB out. Sometimes how things lock together needs to be adjusted. I live in the Pacific Northwest where all it does is rain and not a drop of water in the cab, and barely any condensation under the mat in the bed.

Let the dealer know - they will fix - and if they won't/don't - tell 'em you'll bad mouth 'em here!!!

This is one TSB, but this may be pertaining to roof racks that were improperly installed.

Year: ?2002
Service Bulletin Number: ?010857001
Bulletin Sequence Number: ?620

Summary Description:



Dude - I'm 99.99% sure that is about roof racks not being installed properly and the holes being drilled through the metal allowing water to leak down the "B" and "C" pillars.

I'm hearing more and more about the roof racks arriving on when the truck arrives at the dealer, making me think that GM gave up having the dealers do the install and they are doing it themselves on the stuff coming out of the factory.

Anyone at GM know if this is the case?
This is one of the reasons I still have my roof rack in the box. I am afraid of the damage they can do versus the benefit of the rack. I think I will go back in a few months and talk to the dealer and see if they are confident they will not screw anything up.

I might even try to see if I can do myself but I did pay for them to install it.
I don't think this was the cause of my problem. The water was near the midgate not in the foor wells.

I also saw a mini icicle hanging on the rubber that is on the inside of the midgate (where no water should be)
Leaking midgate? Check. I dropped my AV by the dealer in December for a leak (passenger side, right betweeen the window and mid gate). Something about a pinched gasket. If you park outside, try to park nose-high to keep the water from sitting against the seal. The new gasket is still on back order.

Yes, it is an exception and not the rule.
There was another post awhile back where someone had a whole new midgate on order. :cautious: :)

Either way, I'm sure it's fixable situation. It's really amazing how reliable the midgate has been. Very few complaints on water leakage.