I may be moving to Minnesota!


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Just thought I would see if there are any locals who could give me some insight on the region.....

I am looking seriously at a job in Mankato, or optionally In the warehouse district of Minneapolis. It is a dream job for me otherwise I wouldn't even be considering it. I've lived in Calgary for 16 years and Saskatchewan before that. So this would be a change of country and literally and change of everything for me and my family.

The big incentive is obviously the job, but the other thing is quality of life. I grew up in a small city and wouldn't mind raising my son in a smaller center. Calgary is a great place but we could literally double the size of our house with a move to Mankato... not to mention an acre of land and a big shop.

My favorite hobby is boating and I just invested in a very expensive boat.

So tell me about the region! Taxes? Lifestyle? Weather? Boating? Anything you could share would help with this huge decision. 

Thanks in advance.


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Well Hello,

I can't say to much on Taxes for the Mankato area but should be able to give you insight on the others. First the boat, so we are the state with 10K lakes as i'm sure you know, That means there are a lot of areas to go fishing or just tool around the lake and catch some sun on a nice day if your not a fisherman. Mankato has a state college located there so its well populated with younger folks going to school... some areas can get pretty wild after events and holidays as kids get. As far as the weather we have 4 true seasons.
Spring - Rain,
Summer - can be hot and full of fun, specially with a boat,
Fall - is awesome to view with all the trees changing color around the hills of Mankato,
Winter - Snow and cold, it sucks most the time but if you get out and about with maybe some snowmobiles or go snowboarding its fun. Mankato also has a small ski/snowboard hill.

Its about 1hr 30mins from Mankato to Mall of America (Twin Cities) Close enough to enjoy it but far enough to make a day of it..
I grew up about an hr North of Mankato, Visited friends in college back then and had fun, haven't been around there for fun as of late tho, just swing through for work sometimes.

Here are a few websites to check out.







Good Luck!


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I realize I'm pulling back an older thread, but did you ever move there?

I grew up in the area (about 45 mins N. of Mankato), went to MSUS (Minnesota State Univ @Mankato)...though it was called Mankato State Univ back then...

I'm there about 4x a year.


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In the end I didn't get the job. It was much more complicated than that, but it's the short version. Good and bad all at the same time.