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I Miss My AV BAD! It's BACK!!!!!


SM 2003
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Jul 15, 2002
Coarsegold, CA.
After a trip to the dealer for a couple of problems, I am now faced with it being there for 2 to 3 days for something to do with the coolant system. Not sure what, All I know is it has to go to the "Heavy Service" department. ?And what do they give me to drive? Yes! My Dad's Buick!
You need to take it to home depot for a couple things, right? ?;D

Hey, it could be worse. Last time, I dropped it off, they tried to give me a tiny econo-car. I couldn't take it because my knees were burried in the dash.

Hope your AV is back home and running fine soon.
I always tell me servce dept...if you ever have to keep my Av in for service for whatever reason...the least you could do is keep a Vette or something along those lines for me to use as a loner...ya know....how about..it...

I had to take mine in for the heated mirror, driver side. They gave me a Dodge Stratus !?? Felt like I was riding on the pavement! Now, the passenger mirror is not defrosting. They ordered another. Do these things suck, or what? If I knew I'd have to replace both, I would've asked them to put the signal mirrors on and pay the diff.
LOL ? ? ? ? ? ?\ ;D
I hope I never have to have my Av serviced for more than one day. ?Loaners are a rude awakening. ?One things for sure, they make sure you don't take the Av for granted!! ? ?;)
I am assuming that the Buick at least has some leg room. ?Last time I left the missus's Suburban at the dealer I got a micro box thingy that I was just plain embarrassed to drive. ?:-[
Mine is in getting rear end strait (rear ended) I guess I got lucky..as other guys insur is covering...I told them i needed something equal to my Avy. So, i'm sportin' a 02 Mercedes E320 ;D
they (rental comp) did ask what i was driving, I heard "a truck!?" noooo not a truck

An Avalanche
At first they tried to stuff me in a Tracker. Being 6'3", that wasn't gonna be fun. I am being nice to the car though. Just picked up a load of about 170 used red bricks. Talk about rearend sag.
What was really embarassing was walking out of the resturaunt last night with a group of friends on not being able to find that damn Buick. All those cars look alike.
i think that i would rather have the buick....i bought an impala for my mother the same time i bought the av...the brakes have already been a problem...they gave her a 4 cyl cavelier that look very ruff.......bout like a flintstone mobile.......and they said i get the same when i take the av in for service ?:C:..............lee
Tell them you want the vette in the corner....and that you'll make sure to drop a good word in for em'...on the board..they may change their mind.....and then after..give me a buzz...cause I would like to tear it up also.... ;D

A MB E320?? After our 2000 Chrysler 300M was rear-ended in October of 2001, the insurance refused to pay for a rental car until the car had been gone a month already. In the meantime, we drove my dad's '69 Chevelle as a family car (that's not a good thing...trust me). Finally, they decided that they'd pay for it the day before Thanksgiving--so finding a rental car was quite hard.

Based on our 300M's size, price, & features, a Caddy would have been a good replacement, but it was set to be a Buick Century or Grand Prix. Couldn't find either, so we ended up with a brand new 2002 LeSabre that only had 1000 miles.

Don't write Buicks off...they're often boring and driven by "old folks", but they're great cars and we almost bought one after that rental experience. I'm actually helping a friend find & buy a new Rendezvous right now, and she's not old at all (and drives a Century).

:) At least some of you get loaner cars. No matter how long our 300M would be in the shop, the dealer wouldn't ever dream of even having a loaner car. You buy a new $33k car, and when things start breaking, tough, find your own dang ride. Oh well, the Av is more than making up for that now in its flawless-ness!
At least some of you get loaner cars. No matter how long our 300M would be in the shop, the dealer wouldn't ever dream of even having a loaner car.

Well, that would be one dealer that would never get my business nor that of my friend's. I would let everyone know.

My original dealer would not give me a loaner either without my coming down their and yelling at the service writers face. I tried this other dealer that is actually closer to me and they called me after my truck was there 4 hours and told me it was going to be a couple days and they would have someone over to pick me up and get me to the Rental Agency and into a car. I didn't even need to show a credit card. They have also called me every day to let me know where it was and how sorry they were that they wouldn't be finished with it. I really miss my truck now but at least I'm not sitting here steaming about it.
I just dropped off my truck this morning for a leaking midgate, oil change, tire rotation, rear mirror defrost fix, water in foglight, etc... I leave Sunday for Maui, so I told them they don't need to provide a rental car and they have a week to take care of everything.

I just hope they are able to fix everything up to expectation.
FSUGUY said:
You coulda got an AZTEK!

SHHHH. Don't mention that name! My wife wants one. She wants a Aztek BAD!!!

I think she believes we are in a ugliest vehicle competition. :)
You coulda got an AZTEK!

Aztek? What's an Aztek?

(ok, before anyone tries to tell me, I know what they are, just refuse to admit they exist).

Lightning, Good luck with your AV and have fun in Maui!
I feel your pain..I've been Avless for going on 2 weeks now...you know how funny it looks driving back from home depot with 5 10' steel pipes sticking out a window of a sedan?
Ok, it has now been 6 days. Not sure what is up. I called on Saturday and they told me they had to order and replace the heater hoses as well. This is not making sense since it only has 10,000 miles.

I had given them a list of 5 repairs needed and when I called they told me 11 jobs had been completed and were waiting for the 12th??? I will give a full update of all items when it gets back.
Ok, it's back and here is what happened.

1. Lights pulsating. - No TSB, problem with aftermarket lights. (We all know the truth to that one.

2. Belt squeel - Found noisy alternator, replaced alternator and belt. (Lights still pulsating)

3. Coolant leak - R&R Intake, 2 new heater hoses.

4. Glow in the dark tip I broke off rear panel - replaced handle, warranty. :)

5. Broken seat belt comfort clip (Mother-in-law broke). Replaced under warranty.

6, Condensation in foglamp - Replaced Foglamp housing, poor seal. (Tossed on of my 55 watt 885's, put in stock bulb) They told me they will reimburse.

So overall, I misssed my truck BAD but it is back and running great. Except for the lights pulsating but we have a fix here in the forums for that somewhere, guess I will just have to do it myself. At least I am out of that Buick!