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I Saw A Red AV W/ Ambers In Milwaukee


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Jul 1, 2002
Brown Deer, WI
When I got off of work at about 3:pm tonight, I passed a red AV with amber DRLs and a grey front plate with a chevy emblem on it on Mason st. I was going East, turning left on Milwaukee St. He was headed West. ?You must be in the club, who are you?

I am still waiting to see another set of ambers. :cautious: The only time I see them is on the meets/cruises.

Several times I have got some entheusiastic waves from the other drivers.
It's the first time I think I saw a member, but I don't know who it is.

Speak up, who ever you are!
Jnspur, I may have a lead on your mysterious red Av that you saw in Milwaukee. We have two new engineers at our company that both drive Avalanches. Brian has a Black Z-71 and Rich a Red Z-71. We spent more time talking about Avalanches and CAFCNA during their first day orientation than we did talking about power plants. They really liked the look of my amber DRLs when they saw them, so after lunch that day, we stopped at the local auto parts store and got them their ambers.

I assumed they were going to join the group, but I guess they are both still in the process of moving their families from out of state and probably don't have home computer access yet. Our company is very strict about non-work related internet surfing, so we can't regularly check this site at work.

I don't remember Rich having a gray Chevy front license plate. He's on the road a lot, travelling between various sites. I'll check this week.

I'll give both of them their warning this week. Either "join-up" or they'll have to tear out their amber DRLs. :) :)

I see an LPM Avalanche with amber DRLs in Racine on a semi-regular basis. I don't know if it's a member or not.


We are getting closer to solving the mystery! Thanks, jbarco. BTW, Are you following this?
jnspur - Mystery solved... I am that red Avy w/chrome chevy bowtie front plate that you saw ;) I work in downtown Milwaukee (Mason and Cass)... I was picking up my wife who also works downtown (Mason and Broadway). I recently 'formally' joined however, I have been surfing these forums (mostly accessories and mods) since last August when I got my Avy. I ran accross your post totally by accident, realizing I was "spotted", I felt compelled to help solve the mystery :) I was looking around to see if there was a Milwaukee Chapter formed or being formed. So please keep me in the loop of developments...
All Right! Another Milwaukeean! Welcome to the club! And you replied just in time to check into WI AV Chapter? the locals are getting together to decide if we are ready for our own Chapter. I will also PM you with details in case you don't get back to this.
I also work at Mason and Broadway. Your wife doesn't by chance work for a large telecommunications company, does she? ;)

Mystery Solved.

Glad To See This Mystery Is Finally Solved . . . .Dips Let Me Formally Introduce Myself. I'm StrobinAvalanche . . . I Lead The CAAC (Chicago Area Avalanche Club), If You Plan On Meeting With Jnspur And Her WI Crew There Is A Great Chance That We May Meet In The Future.

All - thanks for the warm welcome (helps since the weather isn't warm around these parts). Look forward to meeting you guys in person in the near future.