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I think my new AV hates me


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Jul 5, 2007
New York
I had my AV for 2 weeks now, and well ever since she came home she has been a naughty naughty girl.
First night , I spent most of the night in the garage with her, I tested the alarm system and somehow managed to lock myself out of the AV , it was possed? >:D !
The same night, could not get the key in the ignition , probally something to do with the alarm.
Same night , my fault again , I left the inside lights on and the battery was dead the next morning, DH had to push me out of the garage? :laugh:

Day 2,  got up and looked at my gas , it read empty, WHAT I had at least a 1/4 in it last night , thinking to myself is someone siffing my gas? Went to the gas staion to fill it up and when I left I looked at the instrument panel, still no gas and I am going 0 miles per hour , instrument panel out. Off to the Chevy deal $65.00 later reset button I'm sure.

Day 3 or 4 can't remember they are all running togther now, got lots of vibrating going to the road between 67 and 72, yes i knew I needed new tires, but now shocks , brakes rotors  and what a girl would call?them,catapillars.

Week 1 and 2 , having constant dreams someone is going to steal it or slowly take away parts? :laugh: To much reading on these baords.

, I take my daughter to the store and when we get back I pull her into the garage , I can't get her out of drive , the lever moves but stays in drive, DAMN IT? :E: Beeping to my husaband he just keeps waving at me, HELLO after the 10 beeps you should maybe come here? :rolleyes: Apparently the cable fell off, of coarse I got drilled, "what did you do in the truck"?. I would not tell me I tested the speed coming down our road because I didn't think that would have had any effect on the cable. O>K so why plastic clips for the cable shouldn't they be made of steal , everything else is top of the line and then they throw on plastic clips? :laugh:

I am sure there is more to this story as I will add as we go along in my days with my evil AV
:kidding: , she will learn to love me as I did my husband? :laugh:
Sounds to me like alot of these problems are symptoms of the ignition switch being bad.  You might want to do some research on the ignition switch.

At least your taking it in stride Hope week 3 is better. By to way the AVY normally shut down all the light after 10 minute even if you leave the door open so it should  not have run down the battery.
I'm sorry, but this is a funny read....Maybe your AV is like a wild horse and you just have to break her in a little bit....I have faith in your AV though, and I hope you do too, here's wishing things settle down for you.  :cool:
Did you kick the tires? You gotta let these things know who's boss....
search ignition switch....

as stated above... seems to be potential cause of your problem..
But for future help..

pleasse put year and model avy in your sig so people can better help you
ygmn said:
search ignition switch....

as stated above... seems to be potential cause of your problem..
But for future help..

pleasse put year and model avy in your sig so people can better help you

ourbigyellowbee likely has '03 or '04, not a common color

ignition switch failure could be faulty install on the alarm system ? 

Maybe it's the music you listen to? >:D  :kidding:

Do you keep it warm & comfy in a garage or out in the weather?  :rolleyes:

Anyway, from new to several years old, the ign switch problem has haunted GMT800 trucks.

`Hope you find it.
Thanks guys, yup it's an "03" big yellow B****, :laugh:

Well as expected my saga continues, go figure? :E:
Picked her up from the garage, new brakes, rotors, and shocks.
O.K have you ever heard of this, they said they can't put my new inspection sticker on till Monday , and that I have to drive it more to get it. HUH?
Anyways got home she was dirty? well dussty and we definelty can't have that , in fact she doesn't go out in the rain yet . I have every single mark , scratch, and swirl mark pin pointed , I think I am just shy of drawing a detailed map of where they all are? :laugh:
Anyhow, i had the radio on for about 3 minutes and went to close the windows, dead AGAIN, DH had to push her out of the garage AGAIN, i'm sure they neighbors are laughing their A***S off by now , thinking what the H*** did she buy. OK now she is out to embarass me any way she can.
Wow she misses her old owner huh..........

tell her you? :love: her and that you want to be friends or you will resort to? :beating: her daily

or show her pictures like this if she don't behave? :damon:
Mine did that kind of thing with the radio, it was the battery. I can't believe she is not PO'ed by now. You must love big yellow Av's
I don't want to make light of the situation, but the yellow AV might be a lemon?  If it is an '03-'04 and they had it for 2 weeks, I think someone traded it off and knew of the problems and passed the buck to someone else.
The AV is now my new hubby , really should be calling it a HE  :laugh:  :love: :love: :love: :love:

We did find that the clip came of the cable , thats the reason for the AV staying in drive , as soon as this was fixed that problem was solved, Right now we have it on slow charge . not to sure why the garage told us that he drained the battery today while doing the brakes etc.
Oh yeah I did take it to Advanced Auto Parts tonight and the battery was fine. Possibale other cause would have been the altinator , but that was ruled out rather qucikly.

Honestly thou the AV runs and drives like a dream, better then any other vehicle we had. Toyota Camary, Mountaineer , that thing was PITA , and even the Impala. She is super smooth. I am getting an average of 18 MPG so that is better then expected.  (y)

I WILL NOT give up on her, oh I mean Him.

I will say that the owner did call and he wanted to buy it back , he was teary-eyed when he let it go. He called just 2 days ago. I find him to be a trust-worthy guy., at least you like to think so.
What's a (Toyota Camary) some kind of bicycle. Just kidding

These AV's are very nice, I understand why you are sticking with it and get it straighten out. Gook Luck
Just for S***s and giggles I posted this on my Disney Cruise Board of my day leading up to the purchase.
Never ever have a meet in Vegas because if you go with me you all be broke? :laugh:

Hi everyone
Well we are home. It was a VERY VERY VERY long day. Had problems with the certified bank check right off the bat, it didn't clear , so plan no: 2 borrow half the money from Mom & Dad and withdraw the other from barry's bank, key catch is we don't have that kinda money laying around so they told us to overdraw we are covered until the check clears.

O.k, that worked out . Next the seller said while we were on our way up that he was having second thoughts. WHAT , I am livid by now , I DON"T want to hear this.

O.K, At his house. He said I hate to throw more salt on your wounds but I have to tell you the air bag check light came on. OMG , this is good news to me I said , the best I heard all day !!!

OH heres a kicker for the morning. Barrys boss says to me while I am dropping him off " you have the nerve to be here" WAIT WAIT WHAT "? Thats a whole other story.

O.K, At the bank . I have all cash you would have thought I robbed the nearest bank to them , they had 5 people over with the teller. Doesn't anyone EVER have cash HELLO your a bank have you ever even seen cash ? We have to do it this way to bring the truck home today !!! Finally after hours and trying to get the insurance to send cards with the right VIN for once it felt like we were there years .
Meanwhile a guy standing in line is either giving me or John ( the prevoious owner) the wink , and click click , I said to John "Is he winking at me or you?" , is this his co-conspirtor in this? Or "wow that hor sure pulls in alot of dough "  :laugh:
I know ya all know the DMV , yes hours there to, we were 14 after the number c284 , no C298.
OK where  are you from ???. This is a person I have to meet at a GTG, ya need to fill out your profile and come to a GTG (get together)