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I Want My AV Back.



Took delivery of my new 2002 Summit White Z-71 thirteen days ago and drove it directly to my buddys shop in Chicago for a few mods. He plans on having it until next weekend and all he does is send me pics. :8: I want it back now. I have mods in the interior I want to start. The wife keeps asking me what are in all the boxes in the garage. Of course I said nothing. This waiting is driving me nuts. Here is todays pics....


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and another


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Those look like ransom shots of your AV that's being held hostage and is being tortured.

Quick, call the FBI!

It looks like it was parked in a bad neighborhood overnight :eek:

I thought you were going to post a photo of all of the boxes stacked up in your garage when I first read your post>:D
Based on the PT, your Av should rock! ;D