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I Wish The AV Could Do This!!!!


Full Member
Aug 31, 2002
Union, New Jersey
I wish I could remove the rear window, lower the midgate and then put the window back in. Why, you say??? I am a musician with a lot of gear.I want to be able to remove the window and lower the midgate so I can roll my large racks into the back seat area and have them stand up. I would then like to be able to put the window back in, fill the bed with the rest of my gear and then put the hard covers back on so all is protected from the elements. This is a mod I am sure many of us could use.... 2004? ? :)
Actually with a little creative thinking it can be done (y)

First, lower seats and take the midgate down with the window still in place.

Second, remove window and put somewhere safe.

Third, turn release latch on midgate bar. The bar will pop off.

Four, load all you gear for the inside.

Five, latch midgate bar back in place. Make sure it is securely latched.

Six, put window back in.

Easy as pie >:D
Almost forgot, you can take the window out first if you wish. If you do take the window out first, push in on the "button" in the midgate bar to release midgate without the bar. Then turn handle to release midgate bar.
This works pretty well. I had to do this with my dog and his cage once and it worked well. It did take a few minutes to figure it out though.
Just like a Transformer. :0:
Avs are great for hauling musical gear! I can put my 4x12 in the bed and pile guitars on the folded-down midgate.

Thanks endeavorc. I had thought of this but i was afraid I would end up with 3 pieces in my hands that would not no back together. It will be hard to put the cross bar in place with my racks in place but I will give it a try. The last time I tried to do this it was pouring rain outside. Not the right time to be experimenting so I put the excess in our other trucks. Thanks again for the idea.
Screamin' ;)
Carerrarod would tell all us musicians to put audio jacks in the rear bed, hook them up to a crossover and a 1000 watt power amp and plug them in to our 4x12 cabinets when we go to shows. If we run out of gas we could turn up the volume and bounce all the way home, as long as we didn't send our hard covers into orbit!!! >:D You can see some of my guitars with my AV in my picture folder.