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Idea For A Flyfishing Mod - Need Input


Full Member
Apr 8, 2003
Tacoma, WA
As the name suggests, I spend a lot of time hiking up and down rivers with a flyrod in one hand. In addition, I hate that stupid visor warning label.

I've seen the cool solutions that others in the forum have come up with, like the stickers, spray paint, and heating them up and removing.

Here's my solution: I want to make a custom fly wallet that fits right over it and maybe attaches with Velcro or snaps. When I get to the river, I can tear it off, stick it to my waders and go.

I'm thinking a simple piece of leather, twice the size of the sticker, so when I fold it in half to make the wallet, it covers up the label perfectly, with sheep skin or something else inside to hold the flies in place and some sort of fastener for the outside. I can figure something out.

What do you all think? Also, any ideas for keeping it integrated with the rest of the interior? I want it to look like it came from the factory that way, so if I could stamp a bowtie or the Avalanche logo into the front, that would be cool, but I've got no idea how. Maybe have it embroidered on. Build a metal bowtie, heat it red hot and brand it on? Nah, I'd accidentally end up with a bowtie shaped scar on my thigh or forearm or somewhere else... :eek:

Gotta keep it cheap too. hmm, off to the drawing board. :0:

Ideas? ???