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idiot friends burnout my av


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Mar 4, 2007
so i come home from a drive in my mustang to see my friends found the keys i keep in the upholder of my av in my driveway and listen to this
they wet the driveway, put it in 2wd, literally put chocks behind the rear wheels, threw it in reverse and stood on the gas. by the time i got over to stop them there was a cloud of smoke i couldnt see thru and my abs light was on and messages saying service stabilitrack and service traction control were on.
after beating up some idiot friends i got to wondering:
could they have broken anything? the messages and abs light dissappeared about an hour later. what do you think?
in a sense it was payback... one of them has a c6 vette and i did the same kida thing to him. so were even haha
Show me your friends, I'll show you your future.

It probably didn't hurt anything. ?Doing that would freak out the ABS computer. ?Mine did after my gear change, in effect it thinks the front and rear wheels are turning different speeds and throws a trouble code. ?It would clear the light after a while of not detecting a problem. ?It will however stay stored in the computer untill it's cleared by a dealer or tuner.

it's probably ok, you could run it by the auto store and have it checked for codes...
with friends like that.............................

Oh, and this very well might be the future I show you if you and your friends treat your vehicles like that.....

it's all fun and games until someone blows a tranny out :rolleyes:
If it looks like this...........you really have problems :E:

Hopefully you will be ok.


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