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If Your Big Toy Isn't Enough,


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Feb 10, 2002
Los Angeles, ?CA
here's another one for you...

I've got a red one. Doesn't really have very much get up and go unless your on a smooth flat surface. Doesn't go in the grass at all.
But it is fully detailed. Working blinkers and headlights, doors open and mirrors fold, even the tailgate opens. Makes a nice rumbling sound when you take off and shift up through the three speeds.
Ah, the 1:6 scale New Bright AV. It is almost as big as my dog. I have a 1:6 scale New Beetle, that goes along with the AV very well. I even made a trailer so that the AV could pull the NB,
I'm sure if you had another RC off road frame, you could just put the AV body on it, and have the full on gas powered RC....I''ll look into the different bodies you can get for RC cars/trucks....

Here is a Traxxas T-Maxx with a Suburban body....there are also Fords, Dodge, and GMC, so I think it shouldn't be too hard to get the AV....

By the way the T-Maxx is reported as being able to do 50 MPH.....has reverse, and 2 gears.... :cool:

Go to http://www.t-maxx.com for more info on this particular truck...
Bo-Link makes an AV body for the T-Maxx trucks. I will be getting one for my HPI Nitro MT. Luckily it will fit with a little modding. Will be painted to match. Will post pics once the weather breaks.
Think about it.....the scale is 1:10, and it goes approximately 30 mph....that's 300 mph to scale!!! WOW!!! You will NEVER see gandolphxx's Whipple do THAT! :eek: