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I'm In!!!



Y'all may be tired of seeing messages like this, but I have to do it anyway!

I just picked up my brand new '03 Av last night. It's a charcoal gray z71 with full power leather, security pkg, convenience pkg, sunroof etc. (pretty much everything but roof rack and steps, which i'll add soon as my wife says they are a requirement). So far, with 56 miles on the odometer, I love it! Spent last night trying to figure out all the gizmos. My favorite so far is probably the automatic curb view adjusting side mirrors when you throw it in R.

My dealing method was to send 12 different dealers emails for quotes via gmbuypower.com. It helps to live in an area where there are plenty of chevy dealers all w/in a half hour. You wouldn't believe the different prices for essentially identical rigs! Dealer I bought it from turned out to be the carsdirect dealer in the area, but he beat carsdirect price and I didn't have to pay their fees. Ended up around $500 less than invoice.

Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you that provide so much content on these boards. I don't know how many hundreds of threads I have read over the last couple months, but your enthusiasm for this vehicle certainly helped me to choose an Av!!!!

It's awesome! If anyone has any Qs about 2003 and features/functionality, I'll be happy to answer.

;D ;D ;D

Congrats. Sounds perfect. I just picked one up last Thursday. Not quite as spiffy as yours, but I love it nonetheless.
Congrats to both of you! I think the charcoal is an excellent color. Now get busy modding and get some pics up! ;D ;D
Congrat's on your purchases . . . tired of newbies and their excitement? Nah . . . not on this site! We were all there and not that long ago!

Enjoy your new Av's!
Congrats! Just picked up mine last night and I understand how you feel.

I too had a good internet shopping experience. Did the same with getting quotes via gmbuypower from several dealers and got a pretty similar deal from my local dealer. It was overall a much easier buying experience (except the waiting for delivery part...my first) than the other cars I've bought.

Enjoy and see you down the road.

Happy Trails!

Congrats everyone!
Everyone's got an Avalanche but Jason. Come on!!!

Congrats!! Seeing everyone buying new trucks motivates me to do more mods and get busy on new products.

My day will come as soon as I can talk mama into letting me keep the Silverado as well as get an Avalanche. She's got a funny way of bargaining. I can keep the truck and get an Avalanche, but it's going to cost me a Corvette at the same time. Whatever happen to wanting a nice purse?
JAson get the AVy for her....then you will have both to mod......But if you can swing a Vette, AVy and your RADo....then "YOU Da MAN" >:D
ygmn said:
JAson get the AVy for her....then you will have both to mod......But if you can swing a Vette, AVy and your RADo....then "YOU Da MAN" >:D
Maby a Silverado and matching his /hers Av's!!!!!!!! :D
Hello fellow AV Fans,
This is my first posting, but joined club a few weeks ago after getting my av. :love: the AV and this site so far, wanted to get one as soon as i saw first pics before they came out, but waited for the right time. Dont want to be bragging, but I think i got a HUGE!! deal on mine. Got 02' blue 4x4 stickered at 37000 and only paid 20500 after all deductions. ;D Cant wait to keep adding mods, all done so far is window visors, fuelboss, looking into k&n fuel System other then that not really sure where to start. so if any of you got any suggestions that you really like, i'd appreciate it. ok i'll stop ramblin on now.
Hey bubba you got a heck of a deal.....wish I could have swung something like that.....good luck and congrats.. :B:
Congrats to all!!
Don't ever think that the members on this site would be bored by hearing about another person finally taking delivery on their new AV... We all just re-live our own first experiences vicariously through you!! :love:
Thanks everyone for the welcomes! I have 250 miles on my Av now after 6 days. I have been obeying the rules and keeping it under 55 MPH during the 500 mile engine break-in period. But it's killing me! That big smooth beast wants to run!