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I'm Officially An Insect!


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Jun 16, 2002
Elko, NV
Yeah, a "Bar Fly"

If you do enough posts, (100), the CAFCNA will actually turn you into a disgusting sounding insect title. <grin>

Let's take a poll, how many people like to be called a Bar Fly?

Guess I better hurry and get turned into something else, like a Zealot or Diety or something. ?:) ;) :D ;D :B:

Congrats on becoming an insect. Think of the bright side. Anything BAR related has to be a good thing. ;D
A couple of observations:

1. The Lightning is a light truck with one hell of a powerplant - runs in the 12's - adding weight would be self defeating as he discovered.

2. For a 1500 to run in the 12's you would need a JATO pack on the back, sorry about that.

BTW, best I have seen for a 2500 is 13.51 :eek: