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In Celebration Of Our 1,000 Member...


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
...the board once again decided to crash. :8:

Once again I was stuck in a pissing match between Earthlink Networks and X Null Software. I believe the X Null guys.

You see when the site "locks" (which is what is basically happening) the Earthlink guys have to take a copy of the broken directory (but you see it's not broken) - flush the one that is there completely, and put the broken one (but it's not broken) back. Amazing to Earthlink folks - it works!

I spent hours last night pouring over the message index and other core files and couldn't find a thing broken (if it was I was planning to attempt a hand code solution).

Bottom line - goal is to find a new host THIS WEEK.

Everyone please be aware - I'm out of favors at Earthlink and if we go down again the message board may be down for the count until we move...