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Increased Performance At 5,000 Miles?



Took my Av out the other day, had not driven it in about a week. Noticed performance improvement, better acceleration, etc. I mean really noticeable.

Would this be because the engine is now "broken in", or am I just getting old and forgetful!! Should it be that obvious?

Thanks in advance for any opinions!
What had you been driving in the time your AV was parked? That is probably the difference...I drive van to work all week and when I get in the AV, it is like driving a brand new vehicle again :D

Thanks for the reply.

Good theory, but my daily (work) car is my Saab 9000 Aero, plenty of "get up and go", so to speak.

I was out today with the Av, and paid close attention to how it was performing, still seems quicker than it was. Mind you, I am not complaining, just pleasantly surprised.
Yeah, this is something that seems to be very noticable for a lot of people from 5k on. Believe me, I should know...it was quick at first, but after some miles, our Z66 can fly and sounds like a Vette when doing so. I get to test it out a little when I borrow it every now and then from my mother :cool:.

I really noticed a difference today when I picked up a '98 Suburban with the 350 V8 to detail. I know it's only 5 years old and had 53k on it, but it just felt like an old clunky dog compared to our Av. Much tighter steering and brakes (why is the old design better??) and the engine felt torquey, but it just couldn't lurch off the line and keep on truckin as the Av can.
I guess I am not crazy, because the improvement in my Av seemed to be "all of a sudden".

As I said, not complaining, pleasantlt surprised.

BTW, Fearless Leader, thanks for the move toa more appropriate spot! :)