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Info on cutout fender flares


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Jan 13, 2007
Has anyone put on a set of cutout fender flares on there Av?I have read other threads but know one has a answer so I am in a bind. Do you think that if you put a set of Silverado flares and maybe do a trmin on the rear set would that work?Maybe if someone has pics of this it might help!
What year of suburban,because I have looked all over and did not find any cutout flares for anything but for the model year 1999 or older.
I am non cladded and I have read his thread and seen what he did and it really did not say what year the flares were from
Are you clad or Naked.

There is a member that installed bushwhacker pocket flairs on his Clad AV.

For real? I got to find photos of that...
I had to do somthing to pass inspection in NJ.
I got some mirrored Alum and cut, Bent and shaped it. Then painted it to get rid of the shine.

has been on ever since. and I passed inspection.


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The pocket flares look pretty cool on that AV... The gears of Mass Insanity in my head are turning... Again...  (y)