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Install of GM12-AUXV2 aux input (MP3 for 04)


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Jan 9, 2004
Update: The adapter is no longer needed. Do the 3 dollar mod!

WOW!  I can't tell you how much better my MP3 player sounds vs. radio, CD, and especially XM.  I think it's because it sends an equalized signal through the system with power.   I have a 2004 Z-71 with the sun and sound package built in August of 03 (don't know if lux or not).  I have a 6 disc Bose with the XM, On *, and no RES.

I bought this aux adapter at Crutchfield for just under $78 delivered, and I installed it yesterday.  This is only my second electric-type install on a vehicle, so I didn't fab a fancy set up.  It was pretty easy.  I needed a couple of wire taps, a couple of sockets, and some electrical tape.  Here is a pic of the adapter.  The cable has 3 connects - you basically unplug the back of the radio, and plug the adapter inbetween... 

The dash was VERY easy to pull off - just put shifter all the way down and start pulling on upper right corner.  Comes right off.  I put the shifter back up here...

3 screws had the radio out.  There are 3 things to unplug - 2 electronic plugs, and the XM cable.  COVER YOUR AC UNIT before pulling the radio out!!!!  I suggest some painters tape.  I scratched my AC face by barely scraping it. 

Now you need to splice the wires into the power source.  This is the scariest part to most, but it was actually pretty easy.  I first spliced the ground wire.  The red clip you see here has the Avy ground wire going through it (it is a black wire with a white stripe under that orange wire)... 

Sorry - I hit post instead of preview....

After you insert the black wire into the clip next to the black and white wire, you sqeeze the metal on top of the connector down with some pliars then close the clip.  Repeat with the yellow adapter wire to the large orange wire.  Here is a bad pic of both done (better pic of orange wire in last post)...

Now attach the L/R aux adapter to the adapter cable.  Plug a red and white composite to mini cable to the adaptor, and tape it good to keep it from jiggling loose...
Work the stereo back in - I had to put the adapter back and to the left.  Route the wire over the cubby...

Replace the dash.  My cable comes down and out out on the right. 

Nicely done

Great write up
OK, back from dinner.? A couple of notes:

1. Unscrew the neg on battery before starting.?

2. Make the wire connections before plugging everything back in on the radio.? Each plug has only one place to go.? There is not much space behind the HU for the adapter to fit, so take your time.? I had to put the block portion back behind toward the speedo.

3. The XM wire was really short on mine (thick black round wire - like a skinny cable TV wire), but it does come off.? I wasn't sure at first, so I left it hanging - that's how I scratched my AC.? ?

4.? I wasn't clever enough to find a way to mount the red/white (L/R) input outside of the dash - there is not enough cable.? My MP3 cable is about 3 feet long, and it gives plenty of slack to toggle safely while driving.? I wanted to thread it down through the center stack to the "secret spot," but it got caught up, and I didn't have time to take apart the bottom stack.? You may want to drill a little hole in the cubby to thread the wire through -? I like that spot for my phone though.? I really want it in the lowest cubby since I could hide all of the cord in there pretty well.

Finally, the function.? To get my MP3 to play, I have the input on on XM1, then I push SEEK on my steering wheel up and down quickly.? To go back to XM I just SEEK up once.? As I stated earlier, the sound is unbelievable for stock.? ?I hope I don't blow my speakers ( I might...).?? Now I don't have any good excuse to buy a new Avy, and my wallet & wife are much happier with that choice...
You would be surprise how many of us take it to the shop for jobs like this, but lots of pictures and very detailed.  (y)
It will work on all 03-06 AVY with Bose system's They are all the same.

Thinking about it, it should work on NAVs also the wiring is the same.
Thanks for all the good work.  I just bought the adapter from Crutchfield and will install as soon as it arrives.

Again, great explanation and pics.
Could you explain something about the installation?  The box goes in the dash, but what do you plug into?  Is there a jack you can mount in the dash or console, or is there just a cable that comes out of the dash?

Hank Scorpio-

Right now, I just have the wire coming out from behind the bezel (last pic).? When I get a chance, I might re-route it down through to the back left corner of the bottom cubby (I have 3).? The best route may be down and all the way through the secret spot to the center console (like the wifes 4runner).? I read about someone here doing an adapter to a mini jack the you can plug a mini to mini into - wouldn't be too hard once you have a your adapter in place.? Lots of possibilities...?
OK - I just went out and re-routed the wire to the glovebox - had to remove the bezel, bring the wire down between the radio and the air vent, then back to the glove box.  Now it can be completely hidden when not in use.  This camera shows all the dirt, so bear with me.  Me likey eazy.

I guess that gap in the glove box door came in useful after all...
Thanks everyone - I feel the need to give back to this kick-a$$ site for all the help I have received over the years.? ?(y)? Plus  - I finally figured out how to post pics with photobucket!? :p? ?
I saw your write up with pics and just wanted to say thanks!  Great post!  As soon as I read it, bought the same thing that very day.  Now I have it installed and ready for my trip to west palm, fl.  DVDs sound like I'm at the theater!

Just so you know, I put some masking tape over the A/C and sure enough, 3 screws out and the corner of the deck caught it.  Thanks to the tape, no scratches!

I also found a nice spot to hide that bulky black box, it fits perfect behind the indash storage space(under the center A/C vent and right of pass. A/C controls).  It just pops out and everything fits back nice and cozy. 

Anyway, thanks again!
I bough this equipment months ago and finally got around to doing this mod.

Only problem, the radio will not come out far enough for me to get my hands on the connector to remove it.

Anyone else have this problem and what did you do to get at the connector?
I had the problem of not being able to get to the back of my radio.  All I can say is that the bottom latch seemed to be key to getting the connector off.  I squeezed really hard, and rocked the plug back and forth until it came out.

My problem is, once I got the wires out of the back of my radio, I realized it's a 24-pin connector.  I have nothing plugged into the 12-pin connector of my radio.  What do I do from here?  Do I splice the 2 wires and just plug the adapter's 12 pin connector to the radio and leave the other end open?  Will this adapter not work with my radio?

I've got a 2003 Z71 with the 6 CD Bose system.  No NAV/XM/OnStar that I know of.

According to crutchfield.com it does chriswaar
When I installed mine it took away my XM.  My iPod now plays over all my XM channels.  Anyone else experience this problem? Anyway to get the channels back?
arnaky said:
what , exactly, is the 3 dollar mod?

Here ya go